Film: 9228

Sport | 1970 | Sound | B/W


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British Lions In South Africa. Rugby against Springboks.

A rugby game, men run down the field, tossing the ball back and forth in front of the the stands, one man in white makes a break for the end zone with the ball, an opponent in black dives in an attempt to catch him but the man outruns him easily and touches the ball down in the end zone as the crowd there goes wild. A shot of the crowd, people wave their hats and clap frantically. Two rugby tema get ready for a line out, the player out of bounds throws the ball in and one of the men is lifted up to catch the ball, the play immediately moves down the field, but one of the players kicks it, the ball goes out of bounds. The men line up once more on the sidelines for a line out, this time theblack team is throwing in, one of the players is lifted up and the ball is batted over to one of their players, play is stopped for a penatly and the men get ready for a scrum, the men bend almost horizontal to the ground as they push against each other, the ball is put in the centre and then kicked out of the back of the scrum by the hooker, the scrum hlaf catches the ball and play resumes, the scrum half kicks it and the the backs make a run for the end zone, one back dives on the ball and scores a try. A BBC Action replay show the scoring again, the score pops up on the stage, british Lions 4 South Africa 0. The ball is kicked off, there is a rummage for it and the ball is kicked several times, play is stopped. Facing us this time, the players line up for a line out, two players are lifted up, the ball is tapped by one of them, the backs start throwing it down the line, one of them kicks it down the field , the ball is caught and kicked the other way, cuaght again and a spectacular run takes it down to the other end of the field, where it is fubbled and run in the opposite direction. The runner is tackled, the ball flies up and is caught. A ruck, the ball popsout and the backs start passing it again, one of them makes a run, but is tackled from behind. Game goes on. One shot of the corwd in the stands, the game is in South Africa as the names of the teams are written in Afrikaans.

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