Film: 9230

Food + Drink | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Bernard Cribbins plays various roles as he shows us round an old traditional brewery, which is compared with a newer mechanised brewery. We are introduced to the outside of brewery which still brews in a traditional way. Making beer from start to finish. Making the wort. Harvesting barley in hampshire with combine harvesters. Harvesting hops. Modern laboratory in brewery. Large coppers made of both stainless steel and copper. Yeast. Beer put in barrels. Conditioning beer. Cribbins drinks from a mug of beer. Close ip of pouring bottle of light ale into a glass. Close ups of glasses of a pint of bitter, a glass of stout, and a schooner of lager. The four glasses on a tray. Outside a London pub, the Red Lion as a taxi cab passes by. Country pub. Varieties of country and urban public houses. Man sitting on quayside fishing and drinking a pint. Men at bowls club bowling. Men drinking outside pub called 'The Cricketers' as village cricket game is in progress. Pub darts game. People sit by open fire in pub. Man with handlebar moustache. Man plays pug game of dominoes. Shove halfpenny, skittles. People drinking in pubs. Pub club and dancing. Buffet lunches. Food served. Sweet trolley. Serving pints. Cribbins in various guises says 'Cheers' to camera.

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