Film: 9231

Road Transport | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Public information film to promote safer driving in Australia.

A model Ford Mustang three door, grey saloon car on scarlet background with introductory commentary stating that understanding a car is a good basis to becoming a good driver.

Model of basic chassis frame with wheels attached on same background. Unlike most modern cars the pictured chassis is not incorporated with the body, the rear wheels that drive the car being connected with the rear assembly axle, the front wheels being mounted independently. Model car is gradually built up with engine placed directly above front wheels and transmission attached. Steering wheel, gear box and lever follow. Driver and passenger seats with rear body work complete extent of model car.

Commentary summarises component parts and repeat shot of opening grey saloon, stating a body shell is still required. Overhead shot of man next to white full-scale family car, with panel sections cut away for enhanced viewing. Man gestures to side and bonnet in line with commentary. Opens bonnet to begin indicating how engine works. Two dimensional workable model of a cylinder with man's right hand indicating workings of pistons, spark plug, intake and exhaust valves and gasses. Model then moves through one stroke with commentary highlighting the four stages, intake, compression, power and exhaust required to fire a piston.

Shot to full-scale six cylinder engine, partly cut away for better demonstration. Engine is fully operational and working. Close-up of coolant rings around pistons, with view from below as pistons all firing whilst also driving both the cam and crank shafts. Cylinder head casting with all six heads on view showing intake and exhaust valves and spark plug electrodes. Cylinder head bolted to cylinder block. Rods pushing rockers with see-saw action. Man holding camshaft, while indicating parts and place in engine. Fuel pump shown sitting behind cylinder head next to fuel pipe bringing fuel to the carburettor, the mixture then being atomised. Second moveable model of choke, accelerator, petrol reservoir and engine. Man's finger moves choke and accelerator as fuel (moving light) and air are sucked into chamber, with resultant increased power in engine explained. The carburettor, held by demonstrator, highlighting choke and accelerator valves. Carburettor placed in position with air cleaner fitted on top, and choke and accelerator cables moved, with intake and exhaust manifolds indicated. Underneath of car shown tailing back to the silencer, showing connection with exhaust manifold.

Small electric motor hand held, with starter control and small gear to co-ordinate with flywheel, shown. Flywheel and position of starter motor. Battery explained along with the coil and distributor connection and working rotor arm. Heated cylinder casing is surrounded by water jacket, with radiator and fan explained. Cross section of fly-wheel mechanism with gear and clutch system revealed. Further working model of clutch and plates in conjunction with spring pressure, hand demonstrated.

Cut out gear box. Moving model operated to illustrate low and higher gearing for different driving situations. Full scale view of gearing mechanism and interaction with the back axle and differential gearings. View of back axle mounted on large springs, with shock absorbers. Front suspension, or coil springs support swinging arms, that allow for greater manoeuvrability of front wheels. Steering wheel shaft, connected to front wheels providing a pulling and pushing effect underneath the car. Steering activated to show movement of tyreless wheels. Front wheel brake system operated from brake pedal by a drum system with brake shoes applied by pistons against walls of drum. Cut away front right tyre provides grip through tread and cushions the journey because of air pressure inside.

Side view of same family car. Running, maintenance, safety and responsible driving mentioned by commentator as being subject of future parts of series.

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