Film: 9257

History | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Documentary about the building and operations of Hadrian's Wall 1950's

Statue of Emperor Hadrian. Map of Roman Empire detailing its borders on the Rhine, Danube and Euphrates Rivers. Map of British Isles. Landscape view of English / Scottish (Caledonian) border. Lake. Roman Britain landscape. Map of Britain showing contours of Hadrian's Wall. Diagram of building specifications of wall - height, width. Ditch specifications - depth, height, width. Model of Roman road, ditch and earthworks complete with a model of four Roman soldiers with horse harnessed to wagon. Detail of square stone facings of wall. Detail of building core used on wall. Detail of stone showing cross graining. Detail of stone and mortar. Diagram of how stones fit together to form wall. Diagram of forts and their spacings along the wall. Model of fort. Diagram detailing spacings of castles between forts on wall. Model of milecastle. Diagram of pairs of turrets in relation to 'milecastles' on wall. Model of turret with guard on ground floor and soldier looking out of window on first floor. Diagram showing the relationship and distances between forts, milecastles and turrets on Hadrian's Wall. Diagram of structures on wall to show how they dealt with enemy attack with counter-attack and defensive measures. Diagram showing gates on both sides of the wall in the fort design. Soldier on horse. Troop of infantry. Two soldiers manning the wall on foot. Map of Roman Empire showing which regions provided troops to guard Hadrian's Wall. Two soldiers on wall looking over into Scotland. Barbarian sharpening sword whilst sitting on hillock. Barbarian gets up and is dressed in animal skins and a helmet. View of landscapes in Britain. Roman Britons in togas in front of Roman building with columns. Roman in toga sitting next to pool with three pipes gushing water into pool. Two Britons in togas making mosaic of wheel. Roman soldier on lookout duty and patrol on Hadrian's Wall. Two soldiers meet and talk. Inscriptions on walls detailing who built which section. Model of milecastle showing barracks and gates. Model of fort giving aerial view of barracks, headquarters, granaries, commanding officer's house. Double portal gateway. Diagram of road behind wall linking each building and of the footpaths leading from the road. Map of British Isles showing road on Hadrian's Wall linking to the roads to York and Chester. Drawing of a section of the wall and associated buildings, ditches and roads. Hadrian's Wall, ditches and earthworks in the present day. Remains of Roman buildings including the granaries at Howstead Fort, England on Hadrian's Wall. Masonry of turret on ground. Wall as seen in mist and rain. Wall from both East and West. View of Scotland. View of wall.

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