Film: 9258

Royalty | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Princess Elizabeth becomes a mother - archive footage of her as a child and young lady - speech at twenty-first birthday, wedding to Philip
Prince Charles as a baby
Princess Anne as a baby.

Close up of a newspaper date 'Saturday, June 5th 1948' then the article in the paper, the National Daily, under the price - 1 1/2d, headed 'Princess Elizabeth; Palace Statement, no public engagements after end of June, baby expected in the late autumn'.

Nice piece in commentary saying how the royal family are moving with the times by announcing the pregnancy. Suggests that the King is aware of the need to modernise aspects of the monarchy.

A shot down a London street from above the heads of the crowds as a royal carriage, black with an open top, drawn by six horses with a mounted escort behind. Closer side view of King George in uniform with Queen Elizabeth in white, waving, facing Princess Elizabeth, also in white. The carriage has a royal crest on the door. Commentary - this announcement is a break with tradition, demonstrating the 'democratic outlook' and willingness to adapt to change of the royal family. Shot from behind of the procession entering the gates of Buckingham Palace, then from above of the square swarming with people. A close up picture of King George shortly after his coronation in full robes and crown, next to Queen Mary in her crown, sash and pearls and Queen Elizabeth, also in crown and sash, waving from the balcony of the palace. The small Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret, dressed as are their mother and grandmother, come forward, and wave too.

The Princesses, now in their early teens, on a less formal occasion, bending over the shoulders of the King and Queen who are showing them something from a large book on a stand outside the palace. The Princess, now in her early twenties, reads a speech about the problem of crime among young people at an assembly in Cardiff, a room with large portraits and extravagant décor. The Princess, in a black velvet coat and jet brooch, stands next to the seat of a judge. Around her are lawyers in wigs and a man in top hat and uniform. The audience is mostly elderly men. She emphasises the need to help those who turn to crime because of broken homes or bad examples.

The Princess as a child in a short coat and long socks, walks between roses behind her sister who is held by the hand. A shot through trees of the Princess skipping in a rope swung between two ladies in black. The two small Princesses dressed alike in kilts, play between bushes, then by the edge of the river with the Queen, and the King, who leans down to play with the dogs. Elizabeth jumps up and down on a flight of stone steps as the King takes her picture. Margaret throws up a ball and Elizabeth runs to catch it, a corgi running about her heels. A dark picture from the side as Elizabeth, older, drives a high cart drawn by a horse, out from between trees. She rides a bicycle through countryside towards the camera, aged in her late teens in a jacket and skirt. About the same age, riding a horse, near shot as she trots past the camera. A family walk in the countryside, the King in a sports jacket with a walking stick. The Queen looks up to smile at him and the Princesses in jackets and shorts, follow their parents, quick shot as they walk out of the frame. Close shot from in front of Elizabeth feeding two dogs from a bowl, turning to smile at someone out of shot.

Close up of Queen Mary as an old lady, saying something. She wears a fur-collared coat and a turban-style feathered hat. Longer shot of her in a floral dress and shawl, coming down some steps with the aid of a walking stick, about to climb into a carriage, then between two gentlemen who are pointing something out to her. The King and Queen, posing together in a room with a richly-upholstered couch, mirrors and statues. Closer shot of them, smiling, the King in his uniform. Other members of the royal family, aunts, uncles and cousins of Princess Elizabeth at a fairground, standing in a group. Close up shot of a big wheel lit with bulbs and of the royal children in cars watched by their parents, a fairground worker in the background. A fairground train, then dodgems. A circus ring, a troupe of white horses running around, shots from the side of Princess Elizabeth laughing. Clowns, the Princess laughing as a pyramid of clowns are pushed over by a dwarf.

Red Cross vans drive down a track. Close up of the Princess at the wheel of one, then jumping out, dressed in uniform skirt and jacket with a cap. Commentary tells us that during the war, the Princess volunteered for the ATV. Close up of the smiling Princess standing next to her van. She bends over the engine, fixing something, while other uniformed women look over her shoulder. The King and Queen join the group around the Princess, smiling at her. Victory Day; a parade of tanks, their drivers turning their heads to face the royal family who sit in a box under a big royal crest on the roof of the stadium seating. A closer picture of the royals, the Princess standing a little behind her mother and father.

Shot onto a deck from above; the Princess in a floral dress plays a game of tag with her sister and a group of boys in sailor suits about their age.

Visits; the Princess steps from a car. A silouette of a high scaffolding frame fills the picture with the shapes of workers looking down to see the Princess. Shots of an abbey courtyardintercut with cranes against the sky. The Princess receiving flowers, then standiong on a quay to pull back a bottle on a string and swing it to launch a ship. Elizabeth amongst a crowd of ladies, presents a cup, then a close up of her hammering a foundation stone into place. She steps forward to make a speech, then a shot of her, head turned away from the camera, recieving the freedom of the city of London from the mayor in his striped gown, ruff and chains. Side view of the King and Queen, followed by the two Princesses in fur coats, flowered headbands and bouquets, walking to the steps of a church for the wedding of Lord Mountbatten's daughter. Close ups of the royal family. A Christening in which Elizabeth is acting as Godmother. Close up of he cradling the swaddled baby.

Elisabeth with Philip shortly after the announcement of their engagement. They stand in a doorway, he is helping her on with her coat, and she takes his arm, smiling, as they walk outside. A film of the royal wedding an elevated view from behind the altar as the procession moves up to the altar. The line of choirboys bows as the royal couple pass, walking behind the priest, followed by two pageboys holding the train and eight bridesmaid in white. Pan up the steps covered by the Princess' veil up to the Princess in her silk wedding dress with veil and flowers, with Philip in uniform holding a cane. They smile at each other. Different angles and close ups. Poses with the bridesmaids, page boys and best man on the steps.

South Africa - Elizabeth walks up a mountain path, past the camera. Head and shoulders shot of her against the sky. A close up of the speech of the Princess made on her twenty-first birthday. She is bare-headed with a string of pearls and looks at the camera and down at her notes. She says; 'I promise to you all that my whole life, whether it be long or short, shall be devoted to your service, and to the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong. But I shall not have the strength to carry out this resolution alone, unless you join in with me, as I now invite you to do. I know that your support will be unfailingly given. God help me to make good my vows and God bless all of you who are willing to share in it'

(new film) Intertitles - 'Prince Charles at Play; Charming Camera Studies of the Baby Prince with the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh at their Sunningdale home. The house; white with an arched porch in the background and a shot across the gardens as the Princess and Duke push the high black baby carriage . Prince Charles, at eight months; close up of him sitting up in his pram as it is wheeled past the camera, with tufty hair, pulling the skirt of his white gown into his mouth with his fist. A close up of the Princess holding a teddy bear and smiling down at Charles, leaning over to take the fringe of the gown from his mouth, and bouncing the bear, Close-ups of mother and baby as Elizabeth leans over from the side of the pram to shake a rattle at the Prince, turning to smile proudly at the camera as he takes it from her. Wider shot of Elizabeth pushing down the hood while Philip holds the pram. Shots of Philip picking up Charles and swinging him up high before sitting down on a rug with the child on his lap. Close ups of Charles' face and him picking things up and putting them in his mouth. Philip smiles at the camera and Elizabeth squezzes the baby's hand. Charles sneezes, and Philip pats him gently on the back, smoothing down his hair. A scene with Charles in a playpen with an abacus between the bars. Elizabeth from various angles as she slides the beads to please him. Charles on Elizabeth's lap close up from in front as she bounces him. Philip smiles from behind. The Princess wiggles the pearls at her neck, and the baby reaches up to grab them. Close ups of mother and child, Elizabeth laughing as Charles pulls hewr nose.

Intertitles - 'The Royal Christening, scenes of the Royal Christening of Princess Anne'. A huge, glittering chandelier with candle-lamps, and the camera move down to show the music room in Buckingham Palace where the Christening was held. A formal pose; Elizabeth, smiling, holds Princess Anne in her Christening gown, on a couch between Queen Elizabeth and Lady Alexandria. Standing behind are the Earl of Mountbatten and Lady Alice with the Duke of Edinburgh. Close up of Princess Anne, tiny hands folded and eyes closedamid the folds of her lacy Christening gown. The family bend over the baby. Prince Charles, in a baby grow, comes in to look at his baby sister but quickly runs off again. The camera followws him before moving back to the royal group. Close ups of Queen Elizabeth and the Princess as they bend down, laughing, to pet the dog which snuffles around their feet. Close ups of Prince Charles holding his grandmother's hand and then with his great-grandmother, Queen May who appears and sits on the couch beside the Princess. The King joins the group. Prince Charles hides, then runs off again. Close ups of the King and Duke laughing together as Charles tries to drag his grandmother away.

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