Film: 9263

Medicine | 1970 | Silent | Colour + B/W


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Isolation Unit at hospital 1970's

A Nurse in isolation suit. Various shots attaching drip bag to bed scaffold. Various shots setting up equipment, poythene bags, tubes etc. Passing bowl through hatch into isolation chamber. Passing medicine bottles. Nurse in isolation suit scrubs up. Close shot, cutting open bag of dressings. Removing sealed bag of clothing from sterile bin, opening it. Close shots preparing food in isolation condition, opening tin, pouring food into plate, pouring medicine into beaker, placing beaker along with pills onto kidney-bowl. Nurse viewed through circular aperture of isolation chamber. Various shots nurses in isolation suits, various shots of isolation chamber set up. Shot through round window of isolation unit, framing a small boy playing a board game on his bed. Nurse in all over protective suit plays with him. Various shots, boy continues to play but looks disgruntled. Boy shakes his head and begins to cry. Nurse confronts him by stroking his head. Smiling nurse dons protective suit. Various shots of nurse in suit, folding clothes. Zoom in to small boy, who sits eating from plate, close shot of boy chewing, boy unscrewing lid of brown sauce bottle, close up of sauce bottle held over plate. Various shots nurse smiling, boy eating hamburger. Boy lies reading in bed, television in background.

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