Film: 9271

War + Military | 1960 | Sound + Silent | Colour + B/W


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North Korea 1960's
23.12.68 - B/W Silent - The crew of the ship 'Pueblo' had been held in Northern Korea for eleven months to the horror of the U.S.A.. In December 1968 they were released. Panning shot of North Korea, Asia from the South. U.S. military officers in overcoats pointing. Out of focus shot of men, the crew of the Pueblo, crossing bridge to South Korea. A bus leaving two other buses that are parked on the south side of the bridge. Same bus being led by U.S. military jeep. As bus passes camera men inside wave. 'Stop' sign in foreground with U.S. military personnel standing in fur hats in the background. Press conference: shot of the press and the television camera crews. Pan to U.S. Naval officer speaking into microphones (he has shirt on that states, 'U.S. Navy'). The crew of the Pueblo in parkas queuing to board a Bell Huey helicopter. The Huey taking off. A Huey landing with the backs of three waving people in the foreground. The crew, in single file and each man escorted by a Military Policeman, walk away from the helicopter. High ranking U.S. military officers, including Pueblo's captain, Lloyd Bucher, walking away from another Huey. Snow on the ground, it looks very cold. The crew is led into a barracks building and the MPs run back towards the helicopter landing site.
23.12.68 - B/W Sound - Japanese news footage of the release of the Pueblo crew. Japanese news reader with glasses. Still of the ship Pueblo at sea behind the news reader. Large American cars outside barrack like buildings as snow falls. Interior of the barracks: the signing of the Pueblo crew's release documents. Korean and U.S. military officials in uniform sitting at a table opposite each other. The U.S. officer signs and then close up of the Asian officers (use of Japanese sub titles during this sequence). Map of Korea with Japanese annotation. Stills of the crew's release: the bridge, U.S. military personnel.
24.12.68 - B/W Silent - U.S. Galaxy aircraft on runway at U.S. air base. Large crowd. The captain of the Pueblo walking across tarmac with another Naval officer, he waves. He walks to crowd and is hugged by wife and then son. The rest of the crew march out of the aircraft in single file. They walk to crowd and the men are reunited with their families, much hugging. Families in the air terminal. Aerial view of the families queuing to get onto bus. Part of this sequence is then repeated: Galaxy on runway, crowd, crew getting out of Galaxy's exit. Sound of brass band kicks in when the families are being reunited. Nice shots of wives and husbands, or Gis with their families on their return from war.
24.12.68 - B/W Sound - Lloyd Bucher, the captain of the Pueblo, makes a statement. In a single medium-close up he states that during the time they were held captive they were beaten. He gives descriptions of the beatings. He states that he lost weight and then regained it towards the end of the ordeal.
24.12.68 - B/W Silent - High ranking U.S. military officers shaking hands. Military Policemen survey the activities on this helicopter landing pad. Men in parkas get out of the helicopter and run off the pad. Crew members of the 'Pueblo' in hospital for medical examination (this footage is out of focus).
30.12.68 - Colour Silent - San Diego, California, U.S.A. - Pueblo crew relax. Close up of men's faces. They are wearing blue shirts and blue baseball caps and look very serious. They stand in rows with their hands behind their backs in a room. The same men walking out of the building. The clothes they are wearing are part of the U.S. Navy's uniform and each man has an identification tag hanging from his shirt pocket. In a tarmacked area surrounded by high concrete walls they group together and then fall into rows. An instructor, in the same uniform, stands in front of them. In the background is a grey single decker bus. The men check the distance between each other by stretching out their arms. They begin to exercise: turning their out stretched arms (the man closest to the camera looks like the stereotypical nerd: no chin, spectacles), body twists (close up of Asian sailor with U.S. Naval insignia on his cap), toe touching, neck revolving, bending at the waist, star jumps, arm stretches. They close ranks and are dismissed. The group walk away, some are laughing. A black car pulls into shot and then out again (bit sinister?). The men sitting in a room. One reads a letter, the camera looks over his shoulder but the type is illegible. Naval officer in uniform and spectacles explains something to the men. Shot of the officer from behind two men's heads (one of which is smoking). Shot of one of the crew members smoking a cigar while listening to the officer (two other men are in shot). Close up profile of one of the crew member's heads.

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