Film: 9272

Shipping | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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1960's Union castle Line ocean liners service

Liner at sea. One funnel ship. Close ups of women in bikinis lying on the deck, sun bathing, deck quoits, woman lying in chair, tennis, deck games, officers in white on the bridge. Officer turns the wheel, another looks through binoculars. "Windsor Castle" getting ready to sail. Southampton quay side. View of ship with ropes tied on bollards. Women take crates of flowers out of the back of a van with the cranes behind and go up covered gang plank. Mail bags are thrown cut of train carriage which is right next to the ship. Royal Mail sign. Wine boxes into stove room. Stove room full of milk churns, sides of meat, sacks, cranes winch supplies in net onto the ship. Walking up the gang plank. People wave on quay, very few people. People move form decks. Cocktail shaker in close up. Cocktail waiter pours into glasses on a tray, martinis with cherry. Evening reception. Cocktail party. Chef at work in the kitchen, putting decorations on food that is highly coloured. Food, very 1960's style, buffet on the deck, waiter serve food from buffet, lunch on deck next to the swimming pool. Restaurant waiter serves from trolley. Reading the menu. Food mixer, a chef watches it. Close up of radio dial, in the radio room, navigational aids, engineer in the engine room. On the bridge. Las Palmas harbour, Spain. The Canary Isles. The liner comes into harbour, point of view of ship with bow in shot. The Purser's office. Exchange of money. Money into hands close ups. Buying horrible souvenirs. Streets of Las Palmas. Couple, hand in hand, run down beach into the waves. Policeman under a parasol directs traffic. Small plane at airport. Man with "British United" clip board as passengers leave airport. Market place, girls and boys in traditional clothes play guitar and dance, regional Spanish style, Canary National dance. They dance on the deck of the ship. Man holds horrid plastic Spanish dancer doll. Woman in bikini looks over the rail at the sea. People by the ship's pool. Children in pool. Court of King Neptune games on deck. Crossing the line on the equator ceremony. People get cream smeared over their heads and tipped into the pool. Children in a sand pit on deck. Children's playroom. Woman in the hairdressing salon. Woman having their hair set, under the dryers. Women ironing in the laundry room. Washing machines. Evening games of races. At night on the bridge, man at the wheel. People shout with excitement. Entertainment officers. Race cards. Print room. Printing menus. Close up of hands using the machine. Setting the type. Printer then loads the machine. Close up of tea tray, waitress brings woman breakfast in bed. The ships cinema. People take seats and the curtain opens. In the projection box. Man operates a 16mm projector. General views of Cape Town, South Africa. Mount Nelson Hotel. Chauffeur drives car. Hotel exterior, pool. Table Mountain. Cable car up the mountain. In the cable car, going up. People come out of cable car. Women looks through huge telescope. View of Johannesburg. Miners digging for gold, black miners, smelting, men in visors pour the gold. Parks of Johannesburg, clock in Havers. Durban, man in tribal costume, colourful, rickshaw porters. Two rickshaw porters, both highly dressed, jump and leap in the air. Ostrich farm woman mounts ostrich for a ride. Man on ostrich which is running fast. Party leave village to walk in Zululand. Guide points to zebras, white rhino, rhino running together, elephants at water hole. People in camper van, close up of woman photographing with black guide behind. Kariba Dam, Rhodesia. Aerial view. Patrol in speed boats on the lake. Victoria Falls, views with rainbows. Trip boat on the lake, tourists look at the hippos, tourist village, people dance in fabulous costumes, drummers, fancy dress ball on the ship. People dance and do the twist in costumes. Anti roll stabilizers in the engine room. Turbines in engine room. In the bar, waiter serves drink, in the library and the shops, woman ties on a shawl or wrap. In a cabin man dictates letter, drinks cabinet, waiter gets drinks out, people in cabin drink champagne, arrival, docking the ship, tugs assist, leaving captain shakes hands, funnel blows.

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