Film: 9278

Feature Drama | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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The home of a typical English family 1970's

The young members of the family are having tea. The older brother comes into the room. The eldest son is wearing a suit the youngest son is wearing a sweater. There are an older and younger sister. The elder is wearing a patterned floral dress the younger a blue costume. The scene changes to another part of the house where a workman is laying a new carpet. The lady of the house comes in and says it looks very nice. She wants her work-box. She cannot get out of the room because the carpet is preventing the door opening. The lady explains why she cannot leave the room.
The workman is middle-aged and not over-bright. Change to a room where the youngest daughter is dancing to the music on a small record player. The elder brother enters and turns off the record player. They argue about music and the noise. In another part the room, the eldest sister is sewing and the younger son is painting a picture with a palette. They ask each other what they are doing. This is to show the uses of the word 'can'. Change back to the room where the workman is laying the carpet. He is now trying to cut off a section at the bottom of the door. A man comes to the front door. He is wearing a rosette as if he were a candidate in some sort of election. He helps the workman and shows the best way to saw the door.
Intertitles -the word Newspapers, Sweets and ices. The young people are sitting round a table. The younger sister enters with a shopping bag. She has bought newspapers, sweets and ices. She places these on the table. They each have an ice cream. Then use of the word 'got' Examples of the use of the negative expressions not and no. Meanwhile the workman is struggling to saw a section off the bottom of the door to enable it to pass over the carpet easily, The father comes in and shows the workman the easy way to do it by placing one leg one the door to hold it in place. The elder son leaves the house and goes to sit on a park-bench on a busy main road with a London red bus. This is in Ealing. The younger son crosses the road at a zebra crossing. There is a signpost pointing to Brentford and Uxbridge, Back at the house the workman finishes laying the carpet. In another room the children plus the father are dancing to the record player. Eldest son comes in and turns off the record player again. He tells his father he is sorry. - End.

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