Film: 9279

History | 1950 | Sound | Colour


The American civil war explained 1950's

First scene railway track and train of 1860's United States is approaching. Song "When Johnny comes marching home". Close up of train. Man is seen descending at Gettysburg. Map of Shenandoah and Cumberland Valleys. Portrait of John Brown and part of his speech "Guilty land and blood". Shot of John Brown's grave. Different views of slavery. Picture of Abraham Lincoln.
April 12, 1861. Confederate guns fire on Fort Sumter. War begins. South Carolina has seceded from the Union in 1860. Six other states followed but Virginia hesitated. Portrait of Robert E. Lee. Shot of General Robert Lee's house. Virginia secedes. Lee becomes confederate general. Song about Bull Run. Shots of troops running through wood. Cannon firing. Bull run and defeat for North. General McLelland brings northern army to attack Richmond. Reaches to within four miles of Richmond but returns to defend Washington. Portrait of General Grant. Battle of Shiloh. Shots of soldiers and cannon. Grant wins at heavy cost. War continues. North and South fight near Washington (Antielm Creek ??) North wins. Shots of White House and Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln proclaims freedom of slaves. War continues 1863. Shots of countryside in Virginia. Armies meet at Gettysburg (70,000 Confederates, 90,000 Federal). Shots of Lee's soldiers sleeping in cemetery. Shots of cannon and soldiers running. Pictures of casualties. Picture of Lincoln speaking at Gettysburg. Shots of Vickburg and Chattanooga - Federal wins. Army at the Potomac under Grant attacks Richmond. Confederates are being slowly worn down. The Confederate General Sherman fights in Georgia. Atlanta is captured. Shots of ruined and burning buildings in Georgia in 1864. Shot of a small house and of Lee and Grant. They meet to discuss terms (1865). Apparently they agree. Shot of soldiers riding home on their horses. Voice: part of Gettysburg Address. Final shot of spring sunshine on landscape.

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