Film: 9282

Geography | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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Earthquakes Why they happen, Reconstructions. What the emergency services do when it happens. Damaged buildings 1930's

Rocks falling from a mountain top, looks very fake. Mountain ranges. A man stands under a over hang of rock and points out the different layers of sediment. Models of how tectonic plates work together. Instruments for measuring plate movement. Sign for the seismological lab, San Raphael Ave. two men walk up the steps of a white clapboard house. Seismological graphs. A woman runs out of a house and looks at a fallen chimney, which leaves a gaping hole in the side of the house. The seismological meter goes crazy as an earthquake happens. A close up of a woman's face looking very scared. A building collapses. People run away from the buildings, the building beside the first collapses as well, you can see people running on the street. A car starts from its parked space. A destroyed building. Other collapsed buildings and general destruction. Men stand on top of the piles of stone and pull out a body from the wreckage. Close up of a woman being terrified. More collapsed and destroyed buildings. Men try to get through a fence which has partially collapsed. A hand is visible underneath stone and wire. Nurses. An ambulance pulls away from a destroyed building. Boy scout. A boy scout looks through rubble for injured people, though does it very fast, looks like he might be stealing something. People who have lost their homes at the American Legion building, largely men. A meeting of businessmen at a desk inside. The army, a radio operator hands over a telegram. A fleet of trucks starts out from the American militia. A large camp laundry or cooking area. People at trestle tables at what looks like a community picnic but is a refugee camp. Marines and army personnel in the streets keeping order. Men push broken masonry off a roof. A policeman guards a roped off house, walking up and down on the pavement. A railway station, with roof collapsed. Models of buildings showing how they move in different types of earthquake.

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