Film: 9284

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Holland, the Netherlands. Amsterdam 1960's

Museums and art galleries. Rembrandt's self portrait and some of his paintings of Dutch peasant life. People cycle over one of the canal bridges in Amsterdam. Tall thin houses with façade fronts. A tall church spire with a clock in it. A pulley is used to lift a board up to the top floor of a house and the board is brought in the window. Barges on the canals unloading their goods by the wharf. A barrel is lifted out by a crane. An organ grinder. Flower barges along the canals. Daffodils in Amsterdam square. Bulb fields. Fields and fields of flowers, largely daffodils and then tulips. A folklore group in Amsterdam. They have a flaot on one of the ponds and women line the bank in traditional costume. Middleberg in south west Holland, wear the women wear white caps on market day., the market place. Women in two other towns, who wear costumes with very large shoulders and wear wooden shoes. A woman beats carpets. A Dutch seaside town, where the men where the traditional Dutch black trousers and hats and the women striped apron, even the girls. On Sunday they wear elaborate lace caps. An excellent picture in church of all the women in lace caps. Edam, where the cheeses are made. The porters in the cheese market in their four guilds, red , blue, green and yellow, distinguished by their hats. They carry cheeses on sleigh - like platform that they carry in two's, using braces. Young boys play on the sleighs after the cheeses are loaded. Diamond industry. Men shaping and cutting diamonds. Two women examine diamonds at the desk of a dealer. Liqueurs, and radios. Delft china. Dutch broadcating industry headquarters. Statue of Lely, who conceived the plan to build the main dyke of holland. Maps of his work. The causeway on the dyke. Children dressed up in Fancy dress on 30 april, the queen's birthday, in a procession on the dyke. Many of them ride decorated bicycles. The newly drained land is turned into roads and new farm buildings are built. New crops are grown. Canals for irrigation and drainage. Modern Rotterdam, recovered from the war. The Beehive, the city's main department store. Good examples of 1960s apartment buildings flats.

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