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Safe Skateboarding , an American public information film about skateboard safety introduced and narrated by Rafer Johnson , with contributions by skateboard stars Jim O ' Mahoney and Russell Howells . The film is interesting from both a sport and fashion point of view as there are a variety of ' old school ' training shoes on display .

Opening sequence - youth with shoulder length hair, droopy moustache, wearing flared jeans, training shoes, and blue and white t - shirt with elbow length sleeves crouches on a skateboard and speeds down a backstreet past houses and parked cars , drumming and ' funky ' music can be heard on the soundtrack . The camera moves jerkily, a car can be heard breaking, shouting can be heard . Close - up of the skateboarder's anguished face, sound of a police or ambulance siren . Voice over speaking about the advances in skateboard safety . Titles, more ' funky ' music, long haired youth walking up a hill with a skateboard balanced on his head , he is wearing white trousers and a red t - shirt with ' New York State Skateboard - ' printed on it . Shot of the back of a man wearing racing leathers carrying a crash helmet and a skateboard he is walking up a hill that also appears to be a racetrack , there are people on either side of the track . A man dressed in racing leathers and wearing a white crash helmet walks along the brow of the hill track , he is also carrying a skateboard . Close up of a pair of feet, wearing Adidas Gazelle training shoes, on a skateboard one foot pushes the board forward . A young teenage girl wearing a white skateboard helmet skateboards through a park, she has long fair hair and wears a long sleeved yellow t - shirt and jeans . A man wearing a yellow helmet with green and yellow racing leathers crouches on a skateboard he has large yellow plastic pads on his hands, he is pushed briefly along the track. A skateboarder in red and white crouches on a skateboard as he races down the hill track. A young woman , who is wearing a white a white crash helmet yellow t - shirt and dark trousers , skates in and out between small orange traffic cones, the ' funky ' music is ever present . The skateboarder with blue and white leathers skateboards, crouching, down the hill track as spectators look on . The skateboarder in red and white reaches the bottom of the track . A skateboarder in blue leathers and black crash helmet lies on his back upon his skateboard and launches himself down the track . The girl seen previously skateboarding in the park skates between traffic cones watched by a crowd, she now wears a red helmet . A man in dark leathers and a white open face crash helmet half crouches half stands on his skateboard as he speeds down the track . The skateboarder in red and white approaches the bottom of the track lying face down on his skateboard . The other skateboarder seen previously in red and white reaches the bottom of the track, we can now see it is the youth that had the skateboard balanced on his head . A skateboarder lying face up on his board speeds along the track past spectators . We see the same skateboarder as he continues down the track . The skateboarder with red t - shirt speeds along and moves to a standing position on his board. Skateboarder in red and white and white leathers and crash helmet crouches on his board as he hurtles past spectators . Skateboarder in white and red speeds past the crowd . The skateboarder in the red t - shirt speeds past the camera standing on his board . Sequence of quick shots of skateboarders in leathers as they speed along on their boards . The skateboarder with red t - shirt crouches on his board arms streched out in front of him as he skates past . Rearview of a girl with long hair moving in between cones on her board , the sun is shining into the camera and we see spectators in silhouette . Youth in multi - coloured striped shirt wearing glasses mounts the wall of a skateboard bowl . Another youth with afro style hair wearing jeans and a white t - shirt also mounts the wall . A long haired youth wearing a brown sweatshirt and jeans skateboards along the wall of the bowl . Skateboarder with long hair wearing long sleeved t - shirt , shorts and long sports socks skates down a slope past other youths and along the bowl wall. The girl in the yellow t - shirt and jeans skates in between cones and falls off her board , ' funky ' music still plays . Long haired boy wearing a bright orange t - shirt and jeans skateboards along a road, a car is pulling up along side him indicating to turn into the junction they are both approaching, the car narrowly misses the boy but the boy continues crossing the junction and is nearly hit by a V . W camper van this time . A black man wearing a shirt , tie , and tweed jacket stands in front of a ' WSA / USSA ' poster, the name Rafer Johnson appears on the film, skateboarders pass behind him as he talks about skateboard safety . View of a side of a hill with banners along it announcing the ' 2nd annual speed run ' and the ' WSA / USSA ' we can hear a man's voice, a title appears informing us that it is Jim O ' Mahoney . A man wearing a yellow helmet and yellow and green leathers stands amongst long haired youths who are wearing shorts but no t - shirts . The girl in the yellow t - shirt skates between cones down an incline . Rearview of a long haired girl wearing a red t - shirt and jeans skating through cones . A man wearing a black helmet , red t - shirt and orange / yellow track pants spins around on his skateboard . Skateboarder crouching on his board speeds past the crowd , he wears a yellow helmet , white and black jacket and dark trousers , as he gains speed he begins to wobble and falls off . A skateboarder in yellow and blue leathers with a white helmet half stands half crouches as he moves along . Three skateboarders sitting together on an arrangement of three boards move along the track . Skateboarder wearing red and white leathers and helmet speeds along face down on his board , we can still hear Jim O ' Mahoney ' s voiceover talking about the renewed interest in skateboarding . Close - up of a pair of polyurathane wheels on an upturned skateboard . Rafer Johnson and a boy wearing a blue crash helmet and blue jumper , Rafer holds an upturned skateboard he talks about the safety of the new skateboard wheels, polyurathane . Close up of a skateboard turned on its end, a man manipulates the wheels as Rafer continues his voiceover . A skateboarder moves along the walls of the skateboard bowl, Rafer relates the various merits of the polyurathane wheels . Close - up of the underside of the skateboard belonging to the boy with Rafer, the boy tightens the wheel mounts on the board as Rafer continues to talk about safety . The skateboarder with orange / yellow track pants juggles with his skateboard, the voiceover informs us that this is Russell Howell, Russell plays with his board and spins it on his head . Close - up of Russell ' s feet as he skateboards , Russell spinning on his board . Russell sitting in a room , his house , surrounded by trophies and various customised boards . he is wearing a blue and white Hawaiian shirt he is holding a green skateboard , he shows us various boards and talks about their individual merits . Russell spinning on his board at a skateboard bowl . Close - up of feet pushing along a skateboard the rider is wearing Adidas Gazelle training shoes . Rafer Johnson stands next to another boy who is wearing a helmet , a long sleeved white t - shirt and jeans, he is holding a skateboard, other young skateboarders move along behind them . Rafer talks about the merits of wearing the right clothing for skateboarding . A bearded man wearing a white lab coat sits on a desk in an office behind him are x - rays of spines and hips , the man as the title tells us is Dr Robert A Jacobs of the childrens hospital L . A , he talks about the increase in skateboard related injuries . Close - up of a bare foot with a large graze along the toes . Close - up of an arm with a sticking plaster, the plaster is removed to reveal a large graze on the elbow . An attractive young woman with long blond hair hobbles along on crutches, she is wearing a low cut dress with pink and white stripes . A crowd is gathered around a blond curly haired male skateboarder who has appeared to have injured his leg . Close - up of a newspaper article reporting the death of a skateboarder . Skateboarders in leathers speeding down the track, one falls off but gets up and appears to be uninjured . A blond haired skateboarder wearing a green helmet , yellow t - shirt and dark Adidas track pants skates around the skateboard bowl, his t - shirt reads ' safer skateboarding ' . Close - up of Rafer Johnson speaking he talks about how skateboarders should protect themselves when they fall. Russell Howell speaks about his method of safe falling, voiceover, a blond haired male skateboarder wearing a yellow t - shirt and blue Adidas trackpants demonstrates Russell's forward roll safe falling method, he skates down a surburban street, hits the kerb and lands safely on some grass . Another skateboarder demonstrates a similar roll whilst the youth in yellow looks on . Rafer Johnson reviews what has already been said, he now speaks about riding a skateboard safely . A skateboarder in blue and white leathers jumps off his racing skateboard as it passes him and breaks up . Russell helps a young boy to ride a skateboard, the boy is wearing a helmet, knee and elbow pads, shorts, and training shoes . Close - up of a newspaper article showing a photograph of a skateboarder , who is only wearing shorts and training shoes, leaping off a wall next to a STOP sign his friends look on . Rafer ' s voiceover talks about the dangers of irresponsible skateboarding in the street, two youths skateboard in a suburban street that is lined with cars, trees, and houses . The youth from the opening sequence skates down a street . The boy with the bright orange t - shirt is shown again nearly colliding with a car . Close - up of Rafer standing in front of some wood panelling talking about the motorists view of skateboarders. Close - up of motorcycle policeman William Bartz standing by his motorbike he relates accounts of incidents involving skateboarders and motorists . View from inside a car, probably a four by four, as it turns into a street a ginger haired skateboarder narrowly misses hitting the car head on . A female skateboarder clings onto the side of a car as it moves along the road . Officer Bartz speaks about local authority control on skateboarding, shots of signs detailing restrictions on skateboarding . Four male skateboarders ride along the pavement but stop and walk with their boards when they see an elderly woman walking towards them, they resume their skateboarding once they are past her . A youth in a blue t - shirt skateboards down a backstreet . The ginger haired skateboarder rides down a suburban street performing ' trick moves ' on his board . A long haired youth speeds down a hill on his board past suburban homes. The same youth continues his ride past a mobile home, we see that there are others with him, the ginger haired youth and the orane t - shirted skater, they ride down a small hill lined with trees . Close - up of the long haired skateboarder spinning on his board. Crane shot of the same youth spinning around a circle on the ground . The same youth again skating up and down a ramp . Over a step and around a basketball court. The orange t - shirted youth and the long haired youth ride down the street past the camera crouched on their boards . Close - up of a sign saying NO SKATEBOARDING . Close - up of the word NO , ' funky music ' plays . Sign showing an image of a skateboarder in a red circle with a diagonal red line thruogh it . Voice of Officer Bartz , skateboarders stop at pedestrian crossing, walk across holding their skateboards . They ride along the pavement but stop for pedestrians . A woman in a powder blue safari suit talks to a police officer standing by her car. Close - up of the back of a t - shirt which has ' The concrete wave ' printed on it, the wearer is Russell Howell, he skates around the skateboard bowl. Skateboarders riding around the bowl. A skateboarder in an orange t - shirt and jeans with another skateboarder wearing cut off jean shorts, a striped t - shirt and Adidas training shoes ride around the bowl . Close - up of Rafer Johnson he talks about the important points about safety that have been covered in the film . Shots and titles relating to the key elements in safe skateboarding. Rafer Johnson reiterates the responsibility of skateboarders for their safety, he is standing in front of the ' WSA / USSA ' poster as before. The skateboarder from the opening sequence repeats his journey this time he is wearing a helmet, ' funky ' music plays, Shots of skateboarders riding around bowls in slow motion as music plays and credits roll . Shots of Russell Howell and various skateboarders with the setting sun in the background .

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