Film: 9297

Natural History | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Animal sculptures: people observe a giraffe and zebras in the California Academy of Sciences U.S.A. Close up of the animal sculptures (zebras and springbok drinking at a water hole, a child touches the giraffe. The museum curator builds an hippopotamus. Close up of the curator sculpturing the hippopotamus. A close up of a small scale model. Another artist paints a tree branch. A woman is making tree leaves. Close up of the artist working on the leaf detail. A bull buffalo and an antelope receive the finishing touches. Two children admire the zebra models. Close up of an antelope model drinking water at the water hole. Close up of a lion model.

"Unbelievable creatures of the deep".

Fish in an aquarium. The outside of the Steinhart aquarium in San Francisco. People observing the aquarium exhibitions. An alligator in an artificial fresh water swamp. A scene showing the public reflected on the still water. A large corridor in the aquarium, various people observe the fish tanks. A school tour on a visit to the aquarium. A sea dugong swimming in a tank, he surfaces to breath. The sea dugong is observed by several aquarium staff. Close up of the public observing the sea dugong. The dugong swimming. A general view of the complicated water system used by the aquarium. A school of yellow tailed fish. The yellow tail fish feeding. Angel fish glide past the tank wall. Turkey fish exhibiting the impressive fins. A turtle from the amazon river. Close up of the turtle face. A close up of the turtle shell. A Brazilian horn frog croaking. Close up of the Brazilian horn frog. An Australian frilled lizard hopping along a table. An Hawaiian fish which resembles the formation of corals (frog fish). Close up of the frog fish mouth. Giant eels at feeding time. Close up of a wolf eel's face (the old man of the sea). Another pan of the public observing the fish tanks. Sea horses gliding in their tank and casting shadows on the wall.

"The World Within the Sea"

A man observes micro-organisms under a microscope. Near a light house, a man, Dr Roman Vishniac (a leading photographer of microscopic life), goes exploring with a pail and a net. Dr Roman Vishniac walks down to the sea shore. Close up of the waves hitting the rocks where Dr Roman Vishniac is standing. Dr Roman Vishniac fishing with a net. He collects specimens from the net. Molluscs embryos as seen under the microscope. Close up of one of the embryos reveals the heart beat. Another view of the live molluscs embryos. Pan of a an American port. Dr Roman Vishniac goes out in a boat. He collects more microscopic specimens. A microscopic view of some of the microscopic organism present in the jar. Close up of a magnified Cyclops. A crab eats a Cyclops. Dr Roman Vishniac scraps specimens from a horse shoe crab onto a jar. A view of an oceanographic institute. The inside of the institute. Dr Roman Vishniac is photographing his specimens. A flat worm. Dr Roman Vishniac holds an hermit crab. Dr Roman Vishniac looking under the microscope at specimens present in the hermit crab's shell. A bristle worm twisting and turning. A greatly magnified section of the bristle worm. A barnacle hunting for food. another water worm . Dr Roman Vishniac walking along the sea shore. Close up of the waves hitting the rocky shore. Close up of Dr Roman Vishniac.

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