Film: 9306

Industry + Work | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Banks and Banking
All aspects of international banking with scenes in offices and accounting pools processing cheques. Signs outside international banks in the city of London. Bosses and secretaries. Industry. Kraft food processing.
Opening shot of street in Italian city in approximately 1950. Voiceover quotes Joseph Addison in 1711. Shots of the City of London - the exteriors of several banks. Several shots of bank offices in the City. Voice tells of Foreign Departments of banks - shots of various "Overseas" branches, exteriors and interiors. Shots of staff sifting through foreign mail. Explanation of function of cheques. Scene in "Retail" bank. Customer with two children buys Traveller's Cheques. Banks balance their books every day - foreign or domestic. Scenes in several offices in U.K. and Italy. Banks advising businessmen on rates of exchange and helping with contacts abroad. Scenes of impressive bank entrances in Italy. Bankers seen drinking coffee. Whimsical commentary on importance of coffee in banking. Next shot of bank manager of National Provincial Bank in Slough visiting the factory of a customer (makes gaskets). Discusses with managers the proposed purchase of a factor in Sweden. Seen walking round the factory and storeroom. Next, an agent visits firm in Sweden. (Is it a good buy?). Bank official collects Traveller's Cheques on his way to inspect vineyards in Europe. (Rainy street in City). Banker visits clothing firm - fashion parade. Visit to wool-spinner's in workshop, then to Bradford - shot of Victorian exterior then of Wool Exchange. Scene in bank's Foreign Exchange Department. Typists. Men on telephones. Exterior shot of unidentified bank. Close ups of foreign invoices. Elderly banker dictates letter in French. Two men discuss the Swedish firm - they won't sell. Next, banker takes telephone call in relation to the French wine import. The Arc de Triomphe and Place de l'Etoile then of French wine merchant - rack of bottles. Shots of Sunblest bread, tomatoes and can of soup. Pointless shots of Sainsbury's, interior and exterior, then more shots of office with typists at work. Scene of Westminster and Big Ben while voice talks of importance of imports and exports. Shots of lorry (B.M.C.) carrying cars for export, then docks with variety of goods. Scenes of City of London - bank premises and their functions change. New products are in demand, others disappear. More scenes of offices - ***, bills of lading, insurance. Function of Bills of Exchange is explained. Quick shots of offices of bank, people in shops, clerks sorting foreign mail. Scenes in Italian supermarket. Addison quoted again.

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