Film: 9307

Transport General | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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'Invicta'. Amateur home movie. Towing people on a board behind a car around a field, a bit like waterskiing but on grass, including children. Fumes must be pretty bad for them as the car's exhaust is bad. Motorbike and bicycle race around a field. Cars lined up on a shore to watch airplane race, possibly Schneider trophy. Cruise on a liner, young men and smart young flapper type women in cloche hats. Trying to sit on deck whilst wind is blowing quite strongly. The women are sitting on deckchairs, chewing gum and messing around. The men are playing some deck games. Driving holiday around what looks like the South of France. Invicta car is lowered onto ship by crane. Shots from Violet Cordery's round the world car trip from 1927 in an Invicta. She was first woman to drive around the world.

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