Film: 9309

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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The life and times of Lord Lever who was famous as a social philanthropist, Liberal MP for the Wirral and industrialist. He died in 1925.

Archive film of Lever was, for a long while, undiscovered.

A row of half-timbered houses with an ornate stone bridge in the foreground with flower-beds and a path going under the bridge. In the distance, a porticoed white house with long narrow flower-beds in front. The Lady Lever Memorial art gallery, the same house as before but closer, it is quite a grand and ornate house with an ornamental lake and fountain in front. Interior of the gallery with people wandering about a very highly decorative room with large paintings and chinese style bureau. A drawing room with large paintings and Roccoco furniture. A full length portrait of a man in red cloak or robes painted by Philip de Lazle ? He is Lord Leverhulme and we see a head and shoulders view of the painting. Close-up of the figure in the painting.

B/W film of a jovial Lord Lever smartly dressed in an overcoat and a top hat. Busy Edwardian road scene showing a number of carriages, trams and people bustling around. A group of gentlemen dressed in country attire and Edward VII mounting a horse, outside a stately home. Two elegant ladies, in early 20th century dress, one of which may be Queen Alexandra stepping out of a carriage and greeted by two men. Two smiling young ladies cycling down a country lane. View of two ladies playing lawn tennis, dressed in white blouses, long, white skirts and straw hats. One of the two tennis players in action. By the seaside, with a number of small boats lining the beach, lots of people milling around and a few huts on the shore. Ladies in beachwear splashing in the water with one woman and a younger girl in the foreground. Line of six young women in pantaloons and cotton tops standing and joking outside a barn or haywain with a flat-capped working man walking past, cigarette dangling from his mouth.

Still old footage pre World war One, Marble Arch with carriages driving past and people walking by. Hyde Park Corner, with a close up of the iron gate, horse-drawn carriages, a bus with 'Dewar' advertised on the side and cars go by with pedestrians walking around. Crowds of Edwardian smart set walking towards the camera. Two suited gentlemen wearing bowler hats in a park, with one of them having his shoes polished by a uniformed shoeshine man. Moustaschioed working man holding what looks like a blanket of straw with onlookers in the background. Crowd of mainly men and boys in front of a shop - the Bethnal Green Florist - with the sign giving the price of wreaths, crosses and bouquets. Another crowd scene of working people in front of the Brandy Merchants. View of a poor London street with a woman buying live eels, a couple of dogs and a group of men wandering by. Factory floor with women sat at benches with piles of boxes and packet on each bench. Production line with a row of women taking bars of soap from a rack and placing them in boxes as they go down the line. More women sealing up boxes of 'Velvet Skin Soap' and passing them down the line, pile of boxes to the left of shot. Works canteen with women wearing white overcoats and white hat eating. Another shot of the canteen with a women in the foreground playing the piano with another woman singing alongside her, they are then applauded by the audience.

Landscape view of tree-lined road and houses overlooking a green with a pond and a fountain in the foreground. Closer view of attractive semi-detached houses. View of a row of tudor style, half timbered houses (seen in the first shot of the film) from under the bridge. View of the top of a brick built house and chimneys.

Still b/w around 1910. High Court or the Royal Courts of Justice in London with cars driving by. Closer view of the entrance to the High Court. The Houses of Parliament and the River Thames from Bankside. View of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament from the north side and a statue to the left in the foreground. Close up of Big Ben clockface. View of a woman, possibly a suffragette, giving a speech in Trafalgar Square with a group of women behind her looking on. Demonstrators, men and women, holding banners demanding Votes for Women and other slogans.

Lord Lever and his wife playing a game on the ship of deck quoits with casually dressed men looking on. Lever playing darts to the amusement of onlookers. Ship's captain joining in the games, watched by Lever, his wife and others.

Close up view of a majestic archway in Brussels. Lord Lever being presented with a large bouquet of flowers by a woman on the factory floor, with women working in the background packing 'Sunlight' soap. Large smartly-dressed crowd of people waiting on a platform as a steam train draws in and stops for them as they rush to board. Close up of Great & Western steam engine moving off. View of passengers waving from carriage windows to people left on the platform. Views of people wandering around the Brussels Exhibition. Brass band marching by followed by a procession of men and women. Train full of men going off to war being waved off. Large crowd of mostly women and children waving. View of the train and men waving as it moves off into the distance. Close up of a crowd of women waving.

David Lloyd George, British Prime Minister during the First World War, and Lever alongside him walking towards the camera. Lloyd George and Lever again walking through a crowd of people. View of a war memorial, probably for the worker - a large, white column surrounded by statues of First World War soldiers holding bayonets - with a row of buglers standing on a plinth in front of a crowd of people. Close up of statues on the memorial shrouded in the Union Jack which is then released by officials who then stand in remembrance. George V with Lever, dressed in top hat and tails followed by Queen Mary all walking beneath a canopied walkway. Royal group, Lever and others continue walking.

Probably the 1920's. The jungle in the Congo, then a colony, Africa with a view of large, tropical trees and a line of people carrying loads on their backs walking through the jungle. An African man dressed in shorts chopping away at a cocoa? plant. Close up of man picking cocoa with a machete. View of cocoa beans falling to his feet. Man takes a large bunch of cocoa. He drops bunch to his feet. Close up view of a ship's mast panning out as the ships sails down a river. Lever and two other men on the ship looking out into the distance. View of the jungle and the river with a flock of birds flying by. Large mud or clay wall with arched gateway in Kano, northern Nigeria with local men and women carrying loads of food on their heads. View of a village with mud huts with thatched roofs and villagers walking by with mules. The Niger Community hall, a brick built building with a line of camels passing outside with bags on their backs and people in the background. Lever greeting local people in front of a train. Woman with a baby strapped to her back receiving food and goods from the train carriage surrounded by men and women carrying various kinds of goods. People climbing onto trains. Lever waving his pith helmet from a train carriage. A steam train with people clambering on and off moving away. View of a crowd of people greeting Lever and others as they drive along a dusty road. Back view of the car driving along. View of people and particularly children running along behind Lever's car. Lever and three other men standing on a raised platform being applauded by local people waving the Belgian and Nigerian flags. Close up of Lever holding a bouquet of flowers and acknowledging the crowd. Lever looking inside a hut with a thatched roof. Rows of half built brick houses with men at work. View of smartly dressed local people leaving church.

Lever on board a ship talking to other men. A large ship in a dock. View of Lancaster House. Entrance to the School of Tropical Medicine and Liverpool University. Close up of entrance marked: "University of Liverpool School of Architecture". View of the side of a Victorian building, possibly part of Liverpool University. Close up of a smiling Lord Lever wearing a hat. A view of a river and hills overlooking it. Lever admiring the view through binoculars from him boat, river in background, side profile of a reflective Lever.
( Back to colour footage )Lever Memorial Gallery in colour, before it a tall column with a statue of a woman with open arms and a larger statue of figures in front of it. Close up of statues depicting a woman holding a baby with two men alondside her. Close up of a man symbolising industry. Close up of a woman symbolising art. Close up of third statue symbolising education. Close up of woman holding a baby symbolising charity. Pan out of statue.

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