Film: 9310

Social History | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Dusk, an aeroplane lands at an airport. Top of control tower. Outline map of Australia superimposed on picture, gradually increasing in size. Daylight. Jaunty music playing in background. More aeroplanes from various locations taking off. Narrator - explains the travelling times for arrival from various countries. Inside airport. Passport control. People saying goodbye. Loading taxis. Cut to cars travelling on motorway towards Sydney. Harbour bridge can be seen in the back left of the shot. Sydney Town Hall building. Argyle Place (in the rocks district). Narrative - facts about Sydney e.g. population size. View of harbour. Ferry drifts past tower blocks. Various shots of contemporary architecture as compared to "colonial stone". Crowd crossing street. Car bonnet. Feet of passers-by. Close-up of different faces in the crowd as the narrator explains the average Australian's heritage. Stalls selling flowers and fruit. Close-up of other non-U.K. immigrants to illustrate "cosmopolitan texture" of new Australia. Pan out from tops of buildings. Contrast between new offices and old clock tower. Inside shop. Australian lady sells jewellery to Japanese tourists. Narrative explains that the economy is based on the Free Market. Picture of Harbour, revealed by pan out to be a book cover. Camera moves across to reveal numerous other texts about Australian history (e.g. "Dreamtime") and cities. Cut to line of seated ladies all in uniform operating computers. Pan round to reveal men in shirts and ties on trading floor. Outside - close-up of traffic light. Back to crowd scene. Traffic building and traffic policeman. Narrator - congestion is disadvantage of technical age. Cut to close-up of rake collecting leaves. Music changes to equally jaunty tune. Figure of man revealed to be gardener. A different man is seen in long shot mowing the lawn. Narrative explains about the size and proliferation of suburbs. Camera moves up and over front of house to reveal whole suburb. Various men engaging in appropriately masculine weekend pursuits - one is washing his car, another two clean a small motor boat outside a garage, three men are seen fishing in a small rowing boat. A male and female are shown from behind, fishing. A large ferry passes along in front of them. Cut to a family standing around a tree. Camera sweeps along revealing many such families relaxing by a body of water. Narrative explains that the average working week is five days, and that the temperate climate both encourage outdoor activity. Cut to a group of people looking at a family of giraffes. Bloke eats pie (a traditional Aussie pastime). Giraffe chews leaf. Koala eating eucalyptus leaf. Camera pans upward to see a family walking by on a walkway. Cut to group of small boys playing football (soccer, not Aussie Rules). Narrator explains about the many available sports. Foot and arm of bowls player visible. Other players revealed. Cut to children in a tennis court sitting in umpire's stool. Rest of courts and players wearing white shown. Cheerful music persists. Cut to surfer. Two water-skiers. Cut to "the back of beyond" (desert). Small plane flies low over red sand and desert scrub. Inside aeroplane. Narrator explains the interest of the "Industrialised world" is in the minerals of the desert regions. Panoramic view of desert. Hill and bushes at the front of the frame. 4x4 van in centre. Lone male figure looks at compass and marks a chart. Music becomes more dramatic as a mechanical digger is seen ripping into the red soil and depositing it in another truck. Conveyer belt with red soil on it- presumably mineral processing plant. Van wheels seen departing and blowing up red dust. Whole vehicle seen as silhouette. Fade into shot of train track with train going past at speed. Narrator tells of Government interest in exploring the centre. Aerial view of train track cutting through the barren landscape. Various aerial views - mountains, plains, body of water, valley, and industrial plant. Ends on slow pan up new mining town. Inside pub. Barmaid serving beer in a pot glass. Various men sitting or playing darts. Cut to a woman removing laundry from machine. She goes outside and hangs it on a line. Two toddlers play to her right. Inside house- the same woman, now wearing an apron, puts tray of food in the oven. Outside - bloke washes car. Aerial view of whole town. Cut to train. No music. Cut to street, probably Melbourne as there is a tram. Cheery music returns. Tram joins the stream of traffic. Narrator- Australia now popular as centre of international conventions. Close-up of female legs in knee length leather boots. She boards the tram. Soundtrack recording of American male (assumed to be a politician of some kind) warning that Australia's rise could lead to the collapse of other major cities. Meanwhile the tram is seen going over a picturesque bridge. Close-up of Office block shows poster advertising International Clean Air Conference. Previous American speaker shown. Close-up of leather boots woman who attending the conference. See rest of audience who are mostly white men in suits. Cut to restaurant sign. Inside restaurant. Focus on couple at table. Lots of gaudy candlesticks and cruets on the tables. Couple smile. Daylight - street as seen from inside a shop. Scenes of women enjoying boutiques and hairdressers. Front of Travel Lodge Hotel. Pan up building to focus on one window. Inside, woman from hairdressers is packing a suitcase. Narrator tells of many exciting vacation possibilities in Australia. Cut to close-up of aboriginal man's face (he is wearing a feather through his nose and some kind of bone ornament. His face is painted). Quick cuts to other 'vacation scenes': skiing; walking in woods; fishing; desert; a Harbour; Two farmyard scenes containing sheep and dogs; couple walking on the beach; Gold Coast advertisement; woman steering a sail boat; a gorge; a bridge; a couple leaving a restaurant; city scene; and a painting of a tropical fish. Cut to woman leaving a travel agents. Zoom into a poster of Great Barrier Reef. Woman walks among palm trees. Music slows. Scene of busy, open air cafe. Couple relaxing on sun loungers. Three people writing postcards at a beachside table. Group of people look at fish and coral through a glass-bottomed boat. Underwater footage of the reef- Coral and luminous blue fishes. More coral. School of brightly coloured fish. Three larger fish shot from below. Assorted colourful marine life. Close-up of turtle. Zoom into zebra striped fish. Aerial shot of an island in the reef. Cut to desert and a few isolated white buildings. A male voice can be heard talking on a microphone. We see he is the driver of a tour bus taking a number of people through quite empty land. Sheep and dogs in a field. Narrator explains about the wool trade. Coach party observe and applaud sheep dog. (no music). Camera in helicopter, chasing a bull across a plain. Shot of helicopter from the ground. Narrator explains about "Cattle Country" in the north west. Shot of helicopter circling the livestock. Gentle music as camera pulls back to reveal landscape, with the helicopter and bull becoming increasingly smaller on the left side of the frame. Music becomes more country and western. Close-up of front of agricultural machinery. Farmer and helpers gather corn. Sunflowers. Combine harvester. Narrator- difficulties of farming unusual crops. Machine sorting wheat from chaff. Lots of differently labelled plant pots in a large greenhouse. One such is being tended to by a woman. Narrator explains how science is helping food production. Outside- field full of crops. Food processing plant in the distance. Inside- food being put in a large vat. Then seen on conveyer belt and finally in a can. Cut to steelworks- sparks flying. Inside- various machines and controls. Sheaths of steel go past on lifting equipment. Red hot steel on conveyer belt. Man in hard hat and groovy beard checks controls. Rest of warehouse revealed. Music reaches crescendo as big metal hooks are shown in silhouette. Many uses of steel in industry is shown. Narrator- steel is the basis for secondary industry. Large ship shown. Cut to inside of a boatyard. Wooden frameworks on the floor. Several men work around them. Golf clubs being tested and arranged in holders. Forklift truck carrying huge roll of paper. Shown to be Australian Newsprint. Pushed away by two men in overalls. Printing presses running- shown from different angles. Man in overalls picks up complete paper. Cut to female face speaking into a microphone. "Radio Australia"- overseas service. People of different nationalities reading the news in native languages e.g. French, many east Asia, Polynesian etc... Cut to bearded Aussie doing radio show. Chart showing countries and their zones. Bundle of mail. Telephone switchboards. Large office full of people sorting letters - overseas mail service. Rows of files all containing post. Cut to two men operating switchboards. Narrator explains that Australia is no longer isolated. Picture of satellite to illustrate ease of communication. Setting sun - pan out to reveal huge satellite dish. T.V operator receives phone call and then transmission from Wembley Stadium. T.V screens all show Arsenal players being greeted by the Duke of Edinburgh. Presenter of "World of Sport" introduces a live FA Cup final. Pylon outside. Family around television watching the Cup Final, boy fiddles with controls then sits back down. Aerial view of the city. Narrator explains the history of the Commonwealth of Australia i.e. 6 territories. Canberra. Group of people in parliament revealed to be in a painting. Man and woman walk past it. Sweeping shot of state building in daylight. Entrance in darkness. Figure seen leaving limousine. Inside reception where there are representatives from 50 countries present. General scene of polite chatter from within. City at night- neon signs and car headlights. Cut in with pictures of molten steel and railway tracks, aeroplanes, father and child etc.. Airport scene - passport control, baggage handlers and "Final Call" sign. Narrator reiterates how close Australia really is to the rest of the world. He is Australian- sounding but with that almost English accent they acquire when trying to make themselves sound authoritive.

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