Film: 9314

War + Military | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Danger of handling Army weapons " these things kill " mines , guns , bombs , tanks , guided missiles , anti tank weapons and ammunition. army training film for the armed forces. Lots of tanks and artillery and soldiers in action. Couple have picnic, her younger brother, a small boy, picks up bomb and blows himself up.

Lots of firing of guns and artillery. Things exploding. Very dark. Mortar guns, a bazooka being shot off. A tank rolling across a field. Reloading an artillery gun. Reloading a bazooka. Reloading a mortar gun. Firing the gun. The effects of the blast are illustrated by bags of coloured water with large holes in them at various distances from the bomb. An old TNT bomb in foliage.
Couple at picnic with little brother. Boy goes off with play machine gun walks along grass covered old road with plastic gun. The man back at the picnic complains about always being saddled with the girls younger brother. Barbed wire with sign 'live bombs keep out, the boy climbs underneath the wire. The army ordinance corps badge on a hat. The man turns around and walks towards a gun with its rear tube exploded out in a backfire. A man lights flares and throws them away to destroy them. Another man opens up a fare and lights a match to see if it will light. The same man being led towards an ambulance van his face and hands heavily bandaged.
The small boy walks towards the bomb lying on the ground. The boy picks it up and carries it away. He puts it down and puts his gun strap around his shoulder and picks it back u again and walks forward. A soldier unwraps wire and sets charge, then checking around himself, sets the explosion off. Another soldier puts the same charge in a artillery gun and sets it off. Killing himself, (You actually don't see this). Army manoeuvres, tanks on the hills and explosions going off. Taking the primer out of a tank round with a special key. Trying it will a hammer! The tank explodes.
The boy carries the bomb outside of the bomb area. Accidental shootings. Warning signs around danger areas. Pamphlets and instructional manuals of how to are and operate weapons. Another group of soldiers tries to take a live mortar shell out of the gun the wrong way.
The boy is still carrying the shell, he puts it on the car. His sister and the man call for him in the woods. Ordinance officer stands in front of his car and talks. The shell falls off the car and explodes the car ( and presumably the boy as well). His sister screams.

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