Film: 9315

Industry + Work | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Fibre glass.

Resin from a Strand Glass tin is brushed onto fibre on the upturned end of a bucket to fix it. A fencer catches a fencing foil, bends it, twists it and makes a stabbing motion with it. The foil sticks out of what looks like a lump of sponge. A pedestal wash basin, sink. A battered old trunk with the words FRAGILE WITH CARE. An old tin bucket. Front of a silver sports car, shot from the ground, with a building in the background. The registration is FMX 398B. Tin of Strand Glass fibre beside a plunger. A tea cup. A table lamp. A metal dustbin.

A man looks at his second hand car, a Morris Minor, and closes the door. The second hand car dealer approaches. He rubs the rust on the bodywork. He is not interested. The owner gets into the car. He is on his knees, scrubbing rust off the car with a bucket of water and a wire brush. He then rubs it with paper. He sticks sellotape over it. He then unpacks his Strand Glass kit from a cardboard box. While he cuts up a piece of material from the kit, Clement Freud entertains us with a joke. The man finshes repairing the bodywork with the kit. Putty is mixed with hardener. The man spreads the putty mixture on the repair. He sands it down, dusts with a cloth and finally sprays car paint over it. Shot of the repaired car. The man drives away and along a road back into the second hand car yard. The salesman offers him a cigarette and lights it for him, he looks approvingly at the car and takes some cash out of his pocket. He counts out the cash slowly and hands it to the other man. Both men are wearing glasses.

Water bubbles through a hole at the bottom of a wooden boat. A man sits in the boat, looking worried, the boat is starting to sink. He starts baling out water with his hands. A swan swims past. The man is now swimming. He drags the boat out of the water, his clothes are drenched. Small boats moored in the background. This is the Thames in west London, probably at Brentford or Kew. The man, now indoors and wearing a jumper, looks very worried as he wonders what to do about his dad's boat. Clement Freud narrates the procedure for fixing a boat with fibre glass. A hand brushes resin onto the damaged boat. The man is looking happier. Sheets of fibre glass are laid over the hull of the boat. He cuts the sheet with a pair of scissors. Resin is painted all over the fibre glass cloth. Resin is poured into a container, then paint on top of it. Hardener is squeezed in from a tube. The mixture is mixed thoroughtly then painted onto the hull of the boat. The man is back in his boat, rowing on the Thames.

Shot of an open tin of dark blue paint. The shot pans out to show several smaller tins of paint, all different colours.

A man wearing glasses in a white coat in a workshop shows us how to make a new hatch for a boat. He has a mould on the table and fills in the cracks with plasticine. A row of tools hangs on the wall behind him. He sprays paint from a can all over the inside of the mould. He rubs on wax polish with a cloth. He then uses a tin of gel coat, resin and a brush to cover the inside of the mould. He then lays a sheet of glass fibre over the mould and trims it to size. He then adds Gel Coat A, pigment and hardener, puts on another sheet of glass fibre and repeats the layers. He takes the finished hatch out of the mould and wipes it with a wet cloth.

Repeated shots of the upside down bucket, car body and boat. Shot of revolving fibre glass hatch. Telephone (the old dialling type). The phone rings, a hand picks up the receiver and then replaces it. Shot of can of glass fibre.

Excellent high speed sequence. Man rushes with a can of Strand Glass fibre resin into his Scimitar car, drives off, drives on the wrong side of the road and transfers to a light aircraft. The aircraft takes off, aerial shots. View of pilot. It lands in a field and the man jumps out, still carrying the can, and gets into a hydrofoil which is parked in the field. It skims across the field and stops in front of a couple. Our hero walks into a house, into the bathroom and is greeted by a spray of water at his sunglasses from a leaking toilet cistern. A smiling woman is trying to stem the flow with a cloth. Close up of can of Strand Glass.

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