Film: 9323

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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A travelogue on a P& O cruise ship, the "Arcadia", as it makes its way around the Mediterranean stopping in various scenic places.

Men and women in silhouette watch the liner, the "Arcadia" from the dock. It's white, with round portholes and a beech coloured mast. A net of luggage is secured by a man on the dockside, then it's hauled upwards alongside the ship. Smoke billows out of the ship's funnels. A rope is cast off and fall into the water. The ship's controls are switched to 'Full Ahead'.The ship steams out of port. It has 3 levels of cabins, it lets out black smoke and is closely followed by a tug boat with an orange and black funnel. Close up of sea swells, white in the boats wake.

A women with her son and daughter chat to a seaman as other passengers stroll by on the deck, the seaman wears a navy blue outfit, the boy shorts and long socks, the woman and daughter wear similar dresses. A woman walks into her cabin with her suitcase which has a P&O sticker on it, she looks around and sits on the bed, the room is decorated in green and pine, she checks the draw and then looks out the window. A plump, well attired couple admire a shop window and then go inside. A suited clerk greets them and pulls out a box of scarves, the plump lady pulls one out and admires it. A man reads a magazine while a bespectacled barber trims his hair. A man sits at a table in a bar with two women, he lights a cigarette for one, gives the waiter an order, he wears a white uniform. A couple admire the view from the view from the deck of the Arcadia. A view form the deck of the lifeboats and the sea as the ship sails by. A map of Europe shows a line leaving England, arriving at Lisbon.

Longshot of a ship in Lisbon harbor, camera pans around the houses and buildings of the city of Lisbon, Portugual. A blue car sits outside the monument to the discoveries. Belem Tower. Cars drive around a roundabout that has a tall column in the centre, several cars are parked on the street is it the Restauradores Square?. The National Theatre in the background as cars are directed past by a policeman wearing a grey-ish uniform, white gloves and helmet, he stops the traffic and lets a couple cross the road. A palace in the "Parades de Commercia" or Parca do Conercio, is behind a plaza and a structure with a man on a horse, black cars parked in the foreground. The palace of Kertup(?) with stately gardens , well trimmed hedges, statues and water features. Other landmarks of Lisbon. Boats sit in the water just off a jetty as a car rolls along a road behind, behind the car are white houses with tan roofs. Bright coloured fishing boats sit on the beach while several other sit in the water nearby. Barefoot fishermen laze on the beach between the boats wearing hats. Fishermen sit on a boat on the beach. A boat sails by with white sails flying, a rowing boat goes by too. Men and a woman chat in the car park just off a street. The cars are 50's style and similar in appearance to London's black cabs. Map of Portugal shows Lisbon and then pulls back to show Madeira. Shot form the island of Madeira shows the ship entering the port. In the foreground is a palm tree. Another shot from Madeira shows flowers and houses in the foreground with the Arcadia sailing past in the background. Dozens of rowing boats greet the Arcadia as she enters the port. A boy dives into the water form one of the rowing boats. A graying man and a woman with sunglasses and blue head scarf are taken to shore in a motorized launch. Two "flowergirls" wearing red dresses and balancing baskets on their heads give flowers to the hefty woman in bad black and white dress and beefy man in horrible brown suit. Close up of bananas on a tree. Slow pan across a country house and the winelands below. Two women are pushed down a road in a wheelless wicker sledge, tow boys push the sledge. Two men lead toe brown oxen who pull a sledge carrying two women. View form the back of the sledge shows the rumps of the oxen and the back of one of the men in a white suit who leads them.

Young women wearing road safety orange skirts and waistcoat with matching scarf headwear dance in the fiesta with boys who wear black trousers, black hats, white shirts and red shawls. They dance down the street while spectators watch, the Arcadia is in the background. Steam blows out of the ships funnel. Views of the city of Madeira from the ship as it sails by. Map shows where Madeira is, and then shows the ship at Gibraltar. Slow pan over the rock of Gibraltar. Slow pan over the buildings nestling at the front of the rock. Elderly women stroll past, while others in the background look at the "Southport Gates" as a car drives out of them. A sign on a tree reads "Trafalgar Cemetery", behind the tree are white headstones, a man tends the gardens of the cemetery. Street scene with pedestrians in the foreground and buildings in the background. Close up of the "Rock Hotel". It's high up, with white balconies. A boat full of tourists sails past. Map shows Gibraltar, then a red dot highlights Malaga. Shot of a white lighthouse. Slow pan over a white schooner. A launch pulls up to the dockside where dozens of men wait.

The cathedral towers above the town of Malaga, Spain. Shot of two people in a tower built from rocks, shot taken through an archway. Shots of boats moored in the docks in Malaga. Two men sit on a wooden pole and fight each other with pillows over a swimming pool, one of the men falls off as the crowd above the pool watch. Two women fight with pillows, another two do the same, one of them falls off. Four men race across the deck in sacks, a large crowd watches. Men use sticks to roll bottles across the deck in a race. Women race against each other to pick up oranges and place them in a bucket. Map shows the location of Rome in Italy with a red dot.

A car drives past the Arch of the Emperor Constantine and the Coliseum. A horse attached to a carriage feeds out of a feed bag. Slow pan around the inside of the coliseum. The square in front of the Church of St. Peters shows a fountain and several buses and tourists milling about. The apartments of the Pope, a Swiss guard walks past, he wears an orange and black outfit and a black beret. A group of tourists watch him pass.The Victor Emanuel Monument. A tram turns a corner. The map of Italy shows a railtrack leading from Rome to Naples. The ruins of Pompeii, people wander around the streets and between the pillars of what's still standing. The Amalfi coast from a distance. Close up of the shore and boats and houses on the beach. View from the beach shows boats in the foreground, striped changing rooms and steep cliffs leading down to the water, houses and possibly an hotel perch on the cliff tops. People laze on the beach, boys wade into the water with toy boats. Slow pan of white houses crammed up the side of the cliff, in the foreground are small sailing boats, behind a blue calm sea. Slow pan up the Cathedral in Amalfi. Map shows Messina near the foot of Italy. The Arcadia is docked as people mill about on the dock. Slow pan shows mile after mile of beach and houses tucked along the coastline. People lying on the beach, people wander around the town, the buildings have two stories, cars park on the sides of the buildings. The town of Taormina, the amphitheatre in bad state.

The map shows the East coast of Italy and a red dot shows Venice. Close up of Gondola's rising and falling in the river. The Gondoliers stand around and chat, they wear black pants, white shirts, straw hats with red ribbons on the hats. Shots from a boat show the entrance to the grand canal and the Palace of the Doge, dozens of gondolas are tied up in front of the palace as the camera pans past. Palaces of the Venetian nobles line the river as a gondola punts past in the foreground, going under a bridge. The square of St Marks shows pigeons flocking around tourists in front of the Cathedral, it has many domes and a golden façade. Close up of the painting on the wall of the cathedral. Gondolas punt down the canals, alongside the buildings. The Arcadia is docked in a waterway alongside houses of the canal. A black flag with a white square in the middle is lowered on the ship. Smoke billows out of the funnel of the ship. Two men in naval whites with caps peer into the distance. One looks through binoculars. Shot form the deck of the Arcadia show the bough ploughing through the water while a tug sails just ahead to port.

A launch with two men in naval whites sits alongside the Arcadia as a sail boat goes by. View of a coastline. View of a seaside village, the houses are white with tan roofs and built close to one another and right up to the beach. Montage of shots showing scenery from various coastal towns, some have green hills while others show towns nestling along the coastline. Shots of people sitting in deckchairs near the back of the ship, the sea is white in the ships wake. Passengers bask in the sun on one of the upperdecks of the ship, lifeboats hang to the side and a coastline is visible in the background. Close up of the Arcadia shows a sun logo on the hull of the ship.

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