Film: 9328

Shipping | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Travelling and Holidays in Ireland or Eire in the 1970's

A ship sails along the sea. Terry Wogan can be heard in voice-over, it is a B&I car ferry. Titles. A family sits in their front room looking at maps at brochures, two children look at a map. A young couple look at a brochure in a café. A middle-aged couple in a travel agents picking up their tickets. Close-up of B&I poster. Map of U.K. with motorways highlighted and routes via ferry to Ireland. Close-up of older man driving along the motorway. Shot of their car speeding along the motorway. View of Swansea Ferry port. The older couple drive onto the ferry 'Innisfallen'. The older couple pick-up room keys from the kiosk onboard the ferry and are shown to their cabin. They settle in their cabin.

Close-up of the ferry sailing from port. The older couple in the ferry's restaurant. View of parked cars on the car deck of the ferry. Captain and crew on the bridge of the ferry plotting the course. The ferry sails up a river in Ireland. The older couple eating breakfast. The ferry continues up the river. Cars driving off the ferry.

Cars driving up a motorway towards the Liverpool ferry port. The family get into their car at a motorway service station. Service station bridge over the M6 motorway, possibly a restaurant on the bridge. They drive off along the motorway (M6). They arrive at the ferry port and drive onto the ferry. The young couple walk into Birmingham New Street railway Station, they are wearing backpacks. The voice-over tells us how easy it is to reach a B%I ferry port by train. A double decker bus takes them to the ferry port. They board the ferry. The family are looking over the side of the ferry as it leaves port. The family go shopping aboard ship and then go onto the deck. The young couple have a drink in the ferry bar. Two ferries pass going in opposite directions.

The young couple and the family arrive in Dublin. The young couple explore Dublin. The family drive through a town and into the countryside. An elderly couple as they pull up outside a house. The older couple explore Cork. View of the Irish countryside. Views of Cork. The family go fishing aboard a boat. They cruise up a river. Views of the river and countryside. The young couple watch as a man weaves on a loom. A potter spins a pot on her wheel. View of the countryside and a castle. View of the castle, inside and out. View of river and fells. The older couple drive to a motel, they look out of their motel window. They ride on a horse and cart. The family picnic by the sea. The children run along the beach. The children ride ponies along a track. The young couple pitch a tent in the countryside. The family is having a picnic by a lake. The older woman looks at sheepskins and tartans outside a shop. View of gardens on Garlish Island (?). The older couple walk beside a pond. The young couple swim in the sea. Then run up the beach. They also go horse riding. The older couple are playing golf with mountains behind them. The family is at the horse races. Jockeys walk past the crowds. Bookmakers take bets. The horses race.

Holidaymakers board a coach. A beauty contest - 'Rose of Tralee'. Hurling being played in Dublin. The older couple drive off into the countryside. As do the family. Both cars drive along a mountain road. The family drive by the side of a lake. The older couple kiss the Blarney Stone. The young couple watch a folk group in a pub. They return on the ferry. Ferry sails across Irish sea. Film ends.

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