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Education | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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A film about the difference between a handicapped and non - handicapped child. Using a case study of two children we see the difficulties in assessing the severity of a disability and the various forms it can take. However, due to the fact that the film is from the 1970's it is unclear how out of date some of the concepts are.

A red background with the title appears and the voice over begins. Two men, one with a beard, who is later revealed as Kitty's father, and another wearing a brown shirt sit at a table with four children; Kitty's father plays with a child who is not his daughter, whilst another girl works independantly with a toy and Kitty puts a jigsaw of a horse together, along with the male supervisor; Focusing on Kitty the camera then moves onto the girl who is playing on her own. Close up of Kitty, who is dressed in a blue pinafore, which has a red strawberry in the middle of it, whilst in the background a female supervisor plays with two other children; ocassionally there is a close of Kitty. Kitty's father is shown playing with a plastic pole which has rings put over it, Kitty herself is watching the male worker make a tower out of cups.

A woman wearing a red/brown dress with a white pattern on, who we are told runs the school, is sitting, possibly in the school garden, on a bench, with bushes and trees behind her.

Kitty is sitting with her back to the camera seemingly uninterested, whilst her supervisor and father play with another girl in the background.

The headmistress continues to discuss Kittty and her needs, whilst sitting in the garden and the trees moving in the wind.

Two columns appear on paper, with a large circle on the far right of the picture, which helps explain the points being raised by the commentator with regards Kitty's progress, by focusing on certain sections when necessary, such as her progress in dealing with others and her weakness.

In a room, with shelving and a dolls house on the window sill, is a table where Kitty is sat opposite the female worker who appeared in earlier shots and is mostly unresponsive to her efforts to get her to clap her hands or play with toys, although on ocassion she does copy the woman. Close up of Kitty whose hair is in a ponytail and smiling, but not looking directly at the camera. With a view of the whole room, we see that Kitty lacks the ability to concentrate and frequently moves in her chair.

A man with long hair but balding at the front is sitting on a bench in the same garden in which we saw the headmistress and is wearing a suit and tie.

A white room with the doctor from the previous section is standing whilst children move around and Kitty sits on the floor with a ball that she refuses to roll back to her male helper and he ends up retreiving it and finally she walks away.

A girl of around eighteen months, called Amanda, is in what appears to be a doctor's surgery, wearing a blue and red checked dress and smiles at the camera, pushing a toy car towards the doctor as her mother watches on. In contrast, Kitty, back at school, is given a doll but pays no real attention to it , whilst another gir plays in the background. Amanda, however, plays with the doll at the doctor's surgery, with her on looking mother smiling. Close up of Amanda's mother, watching her daughter's response to tasks set by the doctor. The doctor kneels beside Amanda and watches her play with the doll.

Kitty is sitting with the male worker and the doctor holding a rattle, form time to time putting in in her mouth, but refusing to react when the doctor tries to get play with it. Amanda, in his surgery, looks on as he holds the rattle and when he gives it to her, she handles it. Back at the Kitty's school, both the female and male helpers, help the children as they sit around the table and eat and drink; with her father beside her we see Kitty drinking from a mug and the female helper aiding another child.

The doctor sits in the garden and and describes how to assess Kitty. He is then shown in the room with the doll's house on the window sill, trying to examine Kitty who is looking uncomfortable and has her fingers in her ears, therefore, her father does up her pinafore and then wanders out of view of the camera, ignoring her father's attempts to get her to come back and only returning when a rattle is produced, going up to a table, ignoring the doctor's attempts to attract her attention, instead sitting on her father's lap.

Amanda, meanwhile, fetches a tiny ball which the doctor throws, and repeats the action. Kitty, however, ignores the doctor's attempts to interest her in a raisin, then quickly loses interest in a book. Amanda, on the other hand is shown to look at a book with pictures and tell the doctor what they are. Her mother looks on smiling, but with a look of concentration. A toy which requires children to use a plastic hammer to knock plastic tubes into a base is produced and Amanda looks on as the doctor demonstrates how to use it and although initially reluctant, she does copy the actions shown by the doctor. Amanda hammers at the tubes, puts the hammer in her mouth and then plays with the toy again.

Kitty's father and doctor are sitting in the background, whilst in the fronnt of the picture, Kitty has the hammer near her mouth and is lead by the doctor to the toy which it is used with, but she switches her attention to the book on the table.

In the garden, the doctor talks about the progress Kitty has made and states how far she has come.

Credits appear.

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