Film: 9331

Industry + Work | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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The growing number of uses for computer in the 1960's. Abstract symbols and binary representations to jazzy music. Lecturer or speaker says electronic computer at speed unknown before, and variety of calculations. Still of early computer, observatory for astronomy. Stills of galaxies and stars. precise calculations needed by astronomers. Still of computer room. Lecturer holds up a molecule model. Quantum Theory. Properties of compounds. Movement of liquids. Air flows on cars and planes. Nuclear Physics, bubble chambers. Bubbles in hydrogen. Ratio of charges in particulars as seen in photographs of bubble chambers. Crystals are x-rayed to look at structure of crystals. Suspension bridges. Engineering problems worded out to see if they are safe. Computers for engineers and architects. Still of Sydney Opera House, Australia. Design of aeroplanes. Aeroplanes production. Canal construction and dams. Still of Aswam Dam, Egypt. Electrical sub station. Electrical turbines. Power stations. men working in power stations and nuclear rectors. Woman working on a computer. Punch card system. Lecturer stands in front of stills of computers. Computer can find the best way of doing things. Still of Ford factory in Liverpool. Lecturer demonstrates zoom lens on the television camera. He brings the camera into shot and has an enlarged shot himself of the screen behind. Computer can calculate the focal himself of the screen behind. Computer can calculate the focal length. Electrical circuits. Calculating profits. Footage of a large ship and a traffic jam on a motorway and in town. Spaghetti junction from the air. Few people can guess how important computer will be. 50,000 computers worldwide, at the time this film was made. Computer programmes, men working on computers.

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