Film: 9333

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


Thailand or Siam in the 1950's

Eulogy on the Thai economy and harmony. Map. Menam River and the city of Bangkok. Royal Palace. Government House. Main boulevard - few cars, wide roads. Trishaw. Flower shop. A young boy, squatting makes a meal of rice wrapped in a large leaf. A woman drinks tea from a stall. Chinese immigrants. A Morris Minor or similar car. A complex of Buddhist temples. The Great Standing Buddha, a 'modern' statue. Temple spires. Giant demons, inlaid with precious stones. Monks dressed in saffron-coloured robes in a busy street carrying begging bowls or sacks. Merchants with their boats filled with goods on the klongs or canals. A young woman punts her boat. The main estuary. Larger, steam-powered tugs. Boys in the water catch onto passing boats. Boys jumping into the water. Villages built on the sides of the Menan. Houses on stilts. Boats ply back and forth, the women in sarongs. Rice fields to the horizon. Power operated water pump. Family on klong returning to their farm home - built out of teak. Water buffalo pulling plough. Young boy riding water buffalo with two others behind. Family planting rice by hand. Planting by scattering seed in the water. The family sit outside to eat. Chickens clutter around. Use spoons and forks. Man and boy walk through the tall rice - they weed. Boy punts a boat filled with rice. Camouflaged rice depot. Bags of rice on conveyor belts and loaded onto ships.

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