Film: 9335

War + Military | 1970 | Sound | B/W


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An over view of the history of war in the twentieth century.

A helicopter flies over a forest or jungle in Vietnam. United States troops make their way through bull grass. Caption: ‘President Johnson 1967’ . Announcement by Johnson about the Vietnam war.
Troops march through jungle under fire. US troops fire from embankment. Section of jungle on fire. Vietnamese peasants march out of village accompanied by US soldiers. Village in fire. Troops wade through water surrounded by vegetation. Map of the world showing Vietnam and the United States of America. Close up of President Johnson. American bomber takes off. US fighter planes take off from an aircraft carrier. American battleships harboured (anchored?) just off coastline.
Narrator is shown describing America’s current international role, then goes on to explain the history. A map of the world is shown. A close up of Asia is shown, describing position of British Empire fifty years previously. The positions of the French and Dutch empires are indicated. Close up of the Western hemisphere showing only West Indies and Guyana were under the control of European powers. Close up of Africa, almost entirely under the control of Europeans.
Footage of World War One shown: British troops march behind a tank. Soldiers fire from a trench, Shells explode in no-man’s land. German soldiers fire from a trench. German troops advance across no-man’s land. Artillery fire and close ups of explosions. American supplies and ammunition shown. Women working in a munitions factory. Ships in formation at sea. U-boat periscope shown. Torpedo explosions. Ships sinking. American soldiers with rifles train at a camp. American transport ship shown. US troops disembark. American soldiers march past cheering civilians. United States military vehicles drive in convoy down a road. Heavy artillery fire. Explosions in no-man’s land. Allied troops emerge from trench and advance.
Shells explode near mounted cavalry. Germans retreat under fire - one soldier falls. British troops march through trenches. German troops surrender and are marched through their trench with hands raised. Allied troops shown advancing through ruins, a convoy of horses pull a carriage. A convoy of Allied soldiers march through ruined village. Inside of Palace at Versailles with peace conference delegates.
Allied leaders emerge from door. Lloyd George stands on left, Wilson on right. In between leaders of France and Italy. Close up of Woodrow Wilson. Wilson waves goodbye on board his departing ship. Close up of White House. Delegates shown inside of Senate. Wilson is driven through streets in vehicle draped with United States flags, waving at cheering crowds. Close up of narrator explaining inter-war US diplomacy and foreign policy. Map of world centring on United States. Civilians - immigrants - wave at approach of ship into United States. (historical re-enactment from early twentieth century 1910-1920?)

Immigrants disembark carrying luggage. All women possibly Italian or Eastern European. American countryside, sheep graze. American ranchers herd cattle. Shots of combine harvesters and farmhands pitching hay. (straw?). American mills in action. A train enters a tunnel. American factories producing steel. Workers assemble motor car on a production line. Cars drive down busy road. Shot of horses racing on a racetrack. American women dressed up at races. American men and women on a slide. American Stock Exchange shown. Very busy. Shots of trains stopping, factories. Unemployed shuffle along streets. A man digs through rubbish. Men sit on a bench. Men lie in doorways and on a street. Close up of Roosevelt. Roosevelt speaks at an open-air meeting. "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself". Unemployed gather outside shop ‘Nickel and Dime’. A man stares ahead confidently. Shots of factory and steam train. Roosevelt at opening of dam presses a button. Water floods into dam. Caption ‘The New Deal’. Shots of steam engines and happy looking workers in factories. Men clear land with pick-axes. A crane lifts large girders. Close up of Hitler. Nuremberg rally. Shots of Nazi flags and aircraft. ‘Poland Invaded’. German Messerschmidt fighter planes take off. Tanks travel in convoy along road. German paratroops parachute from aircraft. Shots of tanks and divebombers. Battlefields with bombs exploding. Allied troops run for cover. Tanks drive past buildings on fire. German bombers drop bombs. Buildings in London ablaze - The Blitz. American factories in action producing supplies for Allied Forces. Tanks shown in factory, caterpillar truck is lowered on a chain. Shells and aircraft shown in factory. Workers work on a bomber laboured ‘Der Fuehrer’s Headache’. Troops load supplies onto ship. A ship is launched. Jeeps drive in convoy. Map of world shown. Camera pans over to Pearl Harbour.
Japanese aircraft bombing Pearl Harbour. Guns on United States’ ships fire at them. US fleet shown in flames. Shots of devastation. Close up of narrator explaining how United States was dragged into war. Map showing China and Japan and campaign in Asia. United States ships sailing to the Pacific. Naval battle. Map of Southern Europe and North Africa shown. Allied troops landing at Sicily in 1943. Soldiers run off carriers and up on to the beach. American tanks advance up through Italy. American bombers take off. Bombs drop on German cities. Allied troops run from carriers on to Normandy beaches during D-Day. American tanks drive ashore. Artillery fire and tanks advance. Gunshots in streets of ruined French city. Map of China and Japan showing retreat of forces. American forces fight with flame throwers. A Japanese soldier surrenders. United States artillery shoots down Japanese fighter plane.
August 6 1945. - Shot of US Superfortress taking off. Shots of Superfortress flying and view of Japan from window. Atomic bomb explodes. Camera moves over devastated Hiroshima. Japanese civilians being treated for burns in hospital. More shots of devastation including buses and tree trunks. Close up of narrator explaining the United States international position after the war. Close up of Woodrow Wilson. Close up of President Truman. Flags of various nations fly outside conference hall of United Nations. Truman speaks at meeting of United Nations - ‘The time for action is here, now!’ Close up of narrator explaining American public’s support for the UN, post-war US involvement in foreign affairs (to be continued in a later programme).

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