Film: 9342

Social History | 1940 | Silent | Colour


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Amateur home movie, baby on the lawn and family at the seaside. Scouts cooking and eating outdoors. Punch and Judy show on a lawn for children. Gymkhana. Making and packaging cheese, Cheddar cheese. Touts and horse racing, Grand National or the Derby.

A young boy holds a frying pan over a small fire whilst he attempts to cook a sausage. A group of young lads, in a form of uniform, possibly scouts stand together as one tries what has just been cooked, leaning over the pan which is being held by another boy, they all watch eagerly. Another boy is eating porridge out of a saucepan. A smaller group stand around as one eats another sausage. A young boy stands alone near the back of houses whilst he eats his mean over a plate, a man pops his head over the fence in the background. A small girl and a toddler sit quietly in a garden eating lollypops, toddler waves his around and the young girl corrects him. She continues to help him eat properly. She brings the toddlers hand over and licks his lolly, he shakes it around in the air. He looks down at himself as though he has dropped something on his clothes. Father stood in front of a beautifully presented garden with a young boy stood holding his hand and a toddler being held. A small boy stands holding onto a pram with a baby inside, he attempts to reach the baby. He sits of the floor playing with his shoes. Shots of him being stood by the front of the pushchair and making his way around to pull something out with his teeth. A young family sit in the shaded garden with deckchairs and a toy pram, young girl playing with the pushchair and a toddler shows interest but is soon shown away by the little girl. Shots from on top of rocks, forming a sort of valley with water flowing through. Shots of gardens with bright flowers, trees and large greenhouses, a young girl appears to be caught trying to carve into a tree. Shot aimed upwards to show the tops of trees filled with blossom, coming back down to show the gardens again. Another shot of a flower filled garden. Small girl walking around the garden in her swimming costume, approaches a lady having a cup of tea. 2 young girls sat in the garden playing with a black handbag, the older one gets up and puts it on, the younger one seems interested. The girls walk off into the garden, the younger girl rushes to catch up to her sister. Small children on ponies are being walked around a field at a gymkhana. Young girl is walked up to the camera on her pony, she holds something in her hands. Large selection of people in a garden, children and adults, children playing on various toys including a rocking horse and see-saw. An audience sits in front of a puppet show which takes place in the garden. A large selection of bouquets are shown in a graveyard, the church and surrounding area are also captured. A man with no riding hat canters his grey horse over 2 jumps before slowing and turning. The next 2 shots show him taking the same jump twice. Another gentleman, also with no hat, canters his brown horse from one side of the field to another. He then does the same but in the opposite direction. The man on the grey canters his horse back towards the camera and halts. 2 young children walk hand in hand into the sea. A line of people sat up above the sand on a wall with deckchairs. A family are filmed sat on the beach with a small child wandering towards the camera. A little girl is paddling in the shallow sea with her bucket and spade in hand, other children playing around her. 2 girls wade through the sea towards their mother stood near the edge. Mothers appear to be applying sun cream to children. Children splashing, playing in the sea and jumping the waves. Scenes of families on the beach doing various things, lots of children running about. Family off the beach all sat down nicely together enjoying some lunch. A small baby is shown in a pushchair, he grins at something. Family lunch is shown again. 2 girls walk towards a large building, potentially where holiday makers would stay, along a path. Lots of small children playing on the beach with their parents. A young boy runs excitedly into the sea with an inflatable tube, mother walks into the sea carrying his younger sister, she puts her down and the 2 children hold hands. 2 men row a boat into shore. 3 young girls sit in the sea trying to keep their heads above the waves. Small children messing about in the water, getting excited and kicking their legs. Family sat around in a garden relaxing in the sun, 2 young girls playing, running up and down a ramp, doing rolly pollys. A private, empty pool is shown in the garden. Young girl runs away across the lawn. Family in their garden, young girl holding her mothers hand and leaning against her. Slightly older girl rides up to the camera on her bike and eating an apple, close ups of the younger girl. A mother cradling her baby, she bounces the baby up and down in an attempt to stop it crying. Close up of the baby as it looks upwards. A baby asleep in a pram. Group of 4 walk through the rain, one carrying a baby. Infant being moved up and down, cradled by his mother and walked along a path. Baby sat strapped into a chair, taking in his surroundings. Father stands holding a rather grumpy looking baby, he proceeds to give him a kiss and talks to him. He holds him close to the ground as though walking and bounces him along. Baby still strapped into his chair, sitting between his parents, the father leaves and comes back with a dog that he positions near the family. They play with their baby in front of a garden, babies bottoms fall down when he is being played with. Parents are shown reapplying the trousers. Mother plays with the baby, holding him in the air and kissing him. Shots of baby sitting up in his pram. Baby sitting in the garden playing with his lamb teddy, he chews the label. Sitting on his big brothers lap as the dog passes by in the background with teddy lying on the floor. Baby lies on the grass clutching his teddy bear and he appears to be crying. Mum and dad bounce him up and down, he has an unsure expression on his face. Small infant walking through a wood, he falls over. Carries on walking, a dog runs past in the background. He carries on walking around, falls over again. He walks along clapping and falls again, he plays with a ball, pushing it around with his feet. Family playing in the garden again, grandma encouraging the young boy to come to her, dog is also present. Men appear to be playing qroquet, young child and dog running about too. A lady and two gentlemen walk through a garden, the lady fanning herself, flowers in the foreground. More shots of the group of men playing croquet, they all watch as the player takes a shot. Toddler bends down to pick up the dogs ball, his grandmother shows him a kicking motion as though trying to get him to do this to the ball, the dog watches eagerly. The young boy runs across from one side of the garden to the other, coming towards the camera, he passes through the game the men are playing, as does the dog. 2 men playing cricket in the garden, the small boy walks up to them. 2 young children playing in a garden with tools and a ball, one takes great interest in a rabbit statue whilst the other is more taken with the garden equipment, the dog is also in this shot. 2 small boys walk away from their parents holding hands and grinning. They are back with their parents, one being picked up by the mother and the other runs about playfully, mum puts her child down, their dog constantly staying close by. The two children walk toward the camera with each other. Older child stood by his mothers side, the younger one runs towards his dad with his arms outstretched as though to be picked up, the dog still present. Dad point to something and the family walk off, young boys holding hands. The family appear to be in a wood, they appear to be walking around and looking at different things, they all turn to face the camera and the little boy waves. Factory is shown with a range of workers, they have a large slab of cheese which is divided into equal sections and placed in a machine which raises the cheese up and through what appears to be a sort of wire cutting the cheese into triangles, a lady removes the sections and puts them into bags, another lady sat to her left takes the cheese from her and seals the packaging with a machine. The bagged cheeses are piled up next to the sealing machine whilst the lady continues to seal. A box the size of a shoebox is shown to be covered in a transparent wrapping. A large metal machine is shown and a man opens the door, placing the box inside, he turns the handle to secure the door. The man pushes a button in on the top of the machine, he then opens the door, closes it again and lowers the equipment, he then opens it again and removes the box, sliding it onto the surface in front. He checks the box and appears to be looking to see if it is properly sealed. A group of people are shown in a very dark shot. A group of gentlemen, smartly dressed in suits and hats stand around talking, several raising their hands in the air and appear to be touching their hats back and fourth, shot rolls on to reveal a lot more people, all dressed smartly on both sides of a racetrack, a vast amount of spectators are present in stands and on the ground, tents, stalls and cars are also present, potentially the Grand National or Derby Day. 8 horses shown racing down the track. Horses being paraded, people stood admiring them. Young boy demonstrating how the lawnmower is used , beautiful scenery in the background, herds of cattle visible too. Another huge horse race, massive turn out of people with various stands, large and small, stalls and a carousel. Shot of the crowds, all possible space is filled as the horses come round the bend and along the straight, winning horse has a big lead on the others. People and horses walk along the track after the race has finished, the crowds starting to move off. Arial view over the edge of the sea and the beginning of land, lots of houses shown and beaches. Shots over a town close to the shore and rolling over the surrounding countryside, stunning views. A town is shown from a closer perspective than before, camera moving quite quickly, variety of different buildings and houses, roads are also shown with traffic moving along them. Empty beach seen from above again, camera moves round to show the countryside beside it. Stationary fireworks fizzing on the ground, sparklers being waved around, silhouette of a person can just be made out, shot is quite dark. Another orange fizzing firework on the floor, it lets out fireworks that travel into the air, shot goes dark with random flashes of orange. Torches appear to be held as a crowd is walking. A close up of a bonfire at night, another brief look at a blue firework on the floor. A woman appears to be walking through a garden taking cuttings from the plants, the shot is quite pale. Shots of cockerels strutting around, across a path and on grass, a few other small animals are in the shot. Another fairly pale shot, it appears to be of land and large farm buildings. A mother lays in the grass with her children, they have wicker baskets and appear to be collecting things from off the floor and placing them into the basket. More birds, including a cockerel walking through the grass. A small white dog is shot walking happily, wagging his tail. A young boy leans over a wire fence to stroke a small white pony, the little dog is by his side, the pony doesn't look happy with his ears back.

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