Film: 9344

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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An Armand and Michaela Denis travel film about Hong Kong, Asia.

Over footage of two boats on the sea, in front of mountains, "Armand and Michaela Denis", followed by four letters in Chinese; then the title. An aeroplane lands on the runway of a Hong Kong airport, in front of mountains, city to the left. The plane, with "Cathay Pacific Airways" by the side, turns around to stop. Passengers step off the plane. More passengers walking down steps from the plane. A pan over the island. A pan across the island and the city. A tall, white pagoda on hillside. The hills on the island, as seen through trees, the pagoda on the right. Mountains above; the city below; ships on the sea; pan right and down to more city. Above an urban area; a hill visible in the background. The city on a plain beneath the hill. As seen through trees, hills and mountains in the background, surrounded by water at their bases. City on plains below mountain, in front of sea.

People crossing a main road in a city centre, tall buildings and neon signs behind; pan down and right to many pedestrians walking along the pavement. A woman carries two large containers, one hanging over each end of a wooden pole, over her back; amongst many pedestrians. People walking down steps in the city centre. Down steps past small shops and stalls. A man carries flowers down steps. More pedestrians, a woman carrying a baby on her back with a balloon; she hides her face from the camera. An old woman walking up steps.

Crowds of people in a narrow street. The same from closer in; the same woman carrying containers on her shoulders as before. A narrow street. Large crowds of people in a city road, including three children showing an English man and woman something; the English people are Armand and Michaela Denis. The same two are shown through city streets. A man concealing his face from the camera. Young boys making faces at the camera. Armand takes a photograph. Children making faces. Two young children crying. Many clothes hanging in the city centre. Clothes hanging out.

From above, baskets of fruit. Children walking past fruit stalls. A woman with children and a baby, sitting down in town. The children sat down. A man eating, standing by a fruit stall. A small girl sitting on stone steps. A mother with child on her back. A woman and young son on a balcony. A man carries a slab of concrete on his head, down a street; someone else carries boxes balanced on a wooden pole. Two men eating food from cups. A woman picks up crabs and hands them to a customer. The crabs are weighed. The customer's face. He hands money over to the seller; she takes it, smiling and laughing.

An old woman at the vegetable stall. A woman shouting, amongst a crowd. An old woman fingering root vegetables. People look through vegetables. The stall; a shopkeeper hands food to a customer. The old woman with root vegetables. A young woman buys clothes. A woman selling flowers. A young woman walks through a crowd with a baby on her back. A man cutting a chunk off a watermelon. Armand and Michaela wander through the market. People by an open air shoe shop. Shoe soles hanging on the wall. Making a shoe. The soles on the wall, from closer in. A woman carries flowers through the crowded street. A man picks up eggs and wraps them in newspaper. A woman selling an unidentified delicacy, on strings.

A woman with a baby on her back. A woman with a baby standing by two containers on a pole; a male shopkeeper. An older man walking. An English man and woman looking at a fish tank. Goldfish swimming. A close-up of one goldfish. Armand and Michaela look at the fish, while children stand by them. Black fish swimming around in a bowl.

An open air barber's; cutting a young boy's hair. The barber's face; pan down to his hands cutting the boy's hair. He brushes the boy's neck, then takes off his smock. He cleans the razor. He brushes the razor. The barber cuts the front of the boy's hair. He shaves the hair at the side with a razor. From closer in; he also shaves the boy's eyebrows. The boy gets up to leave. A younger child at the barber. It sits there bouncing as the barber cuts its hair. The barber shaves its hair. The baby moves about. The mother sits with the baby as its head is brushed. The mother comforts the baby. She picks it up and walks away.

Many signs in the city centre. People walk past a building with scaffolding surrounding. A ruined building, with scaffolding around; crowds of people walk around. Move up the ruined building; a door and clock up the top. A clock, and two photos. Chinese writing on a banner. Men standing on the pavement. Young boys. Pedestrians; one man looks shocked.

A brass band, men wearing white military uniforms. A rich man's funeral procession; the band, men holding a banner behind them. Men carrying large cups in the procession. A float, Chinese writing on the side. People carring the float; behind, people waving a woman with fans. A procession of people, some of whom have their heads covered by sheets, others wearing white robes. People wearing black, holding black umbrellas. A drum being carried along while people play it. Floats being carried. A procession of mourners. People in white carrying floats. Children in white.

A table of food by the side of the road, as the mourners go past. The different plates, from above. The table is rolled into the road. A float is driven past. The table in the road. Men bow; candles are lighted. A procession of mourners. A band goes past; we see one man with a drum, another with cymbals. A man walks past and points at the camera. Many people in white walk behind a float. People pull flowers along. A cushion inside a coach that is pushed along. People carry a float and set it down on the ground.

Men stand by the edge of the road, watching the procession. Men crashing cymbals at the side. A crowd of people. Men bowing. Cymbals are crashed together. The same men bowing. People hitting percussion instruments. A man playing an instrument. A man plays a drum with sticks.

A sign that says "Hang On", and the same in Chinese. Men painting and brushing ivory in a workshop. Two young men carving ivory while an English woman looks on. She looks at an elaborate ivory sculpture. A ship carved from ivory. A man polishing a carving. His face; move to the sculpture. The man's face; a younger man looks on, as the older man carves.

A man with elephant's tusks. Tusks growing on the ground as a man carves. Tusks. A man starting to saw a tusk. The man's face as he saws. Sawing; he cuts through one part. A man hollows the part out. His hands as he does so. Feet stepping up and down on pedals. The man's face. The ivory carved into a sphere. It sits by other spheres. A man carves its inside. Armand and Michaela watch. The carver checks the sphere. Armand and Michaela look on. Armand looks at the sculptor. He looks at one of the tools. The sphere is rotated. The older and younger carvers examine their work. They look at a sphere comprised of thirteen concentric circles.

A carver examines this sphere. He further adorns its outside. Armand looks. The woman. Pan down to an elaborately carved ivory ball. Armand and Michaela look at the man working. Elaborately carved balls. Armand picks one up, and hands it to Michaela. She looks over it.

Men sitting down carving wood. From above, a man carving elaborate patterns. A man carving. Lines being carved. A man hits a carving tool into wood. A man's face as he carves. An elaborate carving. A man in a workshop. He carves. His hands. His face. A detail of elaborate work. Face. Closer detail on the carving. Carvings of people. More. Another detail. Another, of boats on the sea.

A man sanding a wood surface. The same. Again; over a carving of a ship. A metal sheet with a ship depicted on it. A painting of two people. Another painting. The metal ship. Another metal sheet with ship. A man carving. His face; pan down to him stripping away wood. He picks up some fabric. It is used as the sail of a model boat.

Armand and Michaela; Michaela puts a wedding coat on; they are surrounded by other people. Armand fastens the coat; Michaela turns around to show the coat's ornate pattern. Children and a woman look on. More children. A pattern on a fabric. A painting. A detail of the painting. Another detail. A drawing of a rooster by a flower. A similar drawing of a bird on a tree branch. Of a peacock. A bird of prey on a branch. Two birds on a branch of a rose bush. Of a tiger.

Armand and Michaela look on as a man takes a snake from a drawer. Armand's hand holding the snake near its head, by the drawers. Armand and Michaela look on at the snake charmer. A man on the right, writing, while on the left, a woman uses an abacus. Close-up of the woman's hands using the abacus; pan up to her face. Pan down from the man's face to show him writing.

A man picks up a striped snake from a drawer; he holds it a way from its head. The snake's head; move to show the snake charmer. Armand and Michaela look on as the owner picks up another snake, which Armand takes hold of. Michaela, shaking, holds the snake near its head. The owner takes a long snake out. That snake, mouth open. Armand's face as he looks at the snake. Michaela holds a snake, which is put back in the drawer. The owner opens a lid of a box, to reveal many snakes inside; he takes a handful, and then puts them back. Close-up of the snakes slithering around. A snake head; the owner pushes it back inside the box, where the snakes still crawl. A man opens the lid to the box of snakes; credits over. Armand and Michaela hold a snake; credits continue.

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