Film: 9346

Sport | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Opening shots: Title superimposed over closeup of greyhounds. Shot of kennels (location Wembley, London) with explanatory voice-over. Shots of early morning exercise of dogs by trainers. Shot of Kennel boy cleaning out kennels. Close up of greyhounds with detailed description on voice-over. Further shots of Kennels where dogs are tied up in preparation for their daily checkup. This includes a massage, inspection of teeth, manicure and coat brushing.
Shots of dogs being given thorough examination including there feet, mouth (teeth flossed) ears cleaned combing and brushing. Further close ups of dogs. Dog trials for sick dogs puppies and dogs new to the track. Footage of dogs being weighed, taken onto track, in traps and racing. Aerial shot from control stand in the roof of dog track. Shot of slip trials (so called because the trainer slips off the lead) Used for nervous or young dogs. These trials held in smaller track near the enclosure. Dogs not in contention are given extra trials. Shots of trainer playing with dogs. Further shots of kennel being cleaned out by Kennel lad. Preparation of food for dogs. Shot of hand driven mincing machine and preparation of stew. Shot of dogs eating food from bowls. Transportation of dogs from kennels to racetrack. Parade of dogs prior to flat race (6 runners). Shots of bookmakers offering odds on race. Specific mention of the Tote. Shots of punters collecting their winners. Dogs complete parade around stadium. Dogs are placed in traps under supervision of official. Further brief shots of bookmakers. Last dog placed in box. Hand signals from bookie (tick-tack), final instructions to their runners in the cheaper rings. Dogs race to end. Curtain drawn. Dogs pounce on dummy hare. Shots of reporters. Tote dividends declared. Crowds leave. Next race starts.

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