Film: 9347

Science | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Film about exploring the moon.

The moon over a city. It rises. The moon. Picture of Galileo looking at the moon through his telescope. Galileo's map of the moon. A more detailed map of the moon. Another map of the moon - this one made in 1651. The moon. The Sea of Tranquillity. The Crater Archimedes, the Crater Plato. The Caucasus mountains. The Apennine Mountains. A more detailed map of the moon. Picture of 19th Century man beside telescope with camera in it. early photograph of the moon. Photographs of the moon in photographic atlas of moon. Radio telescope. It points at the moon. The moon. Panning across the moon. Lunar statistics. The moon. Moon craters. Great crater in Arizona. Crater Copernicus. Lunar mountains. Lunar Alps. The circular lunar seas may be immense craters. Rough lunar Highlands. The moon has a very variable surface temperature. Photograph of moon. Crater Lenay in the Sea of Serenity. Carter Plato. Crater Alphonsus. valleys on the moon. Valley in the Lunar Alps. Fault on moon. Ridges on moon normally found at border of seas. Crater. The moon. An observatory on Earth. An American rocket lifts off. Space station / craft. Spacecraft with satellite dish. Spacecraft on moon. Space craft orbiting moon. Pictures of moon. The moon's surface. The surface of the moon. The moon has no appreciable magnetic field. Thus the moon is not shielded from the solar wind. The moon. Part of the dark side. The earth from the moon. Close up photographs of the moon’s surface. Photographs from spacecraft which soft-landed on the moon. it looks fairly level. Craterlets support leg of a spacecraft which soft landed. Robot arm digging into moon. Scientist fixing pictures of small sections of moon to a wall. Man in spacesuit approaching landing module in a large room. experimental lunar vehicle. Experimental lunar vehicle. Experimental lunar vehicle. Astronaut on experimental lunar vehicle. Experimental lunar vehicle moving. Astronaut in spacesuit in device to simulate lunar gravity. he is in a rocky waste. Scientists watch him. Astronaut in space suit using lunar hammer to hit some experimental lunar equipment. Astronauts in space suits in lunar module. They press switches. It is a simulation of the real mission. Astronaut and mission control staff. Astronauts getting into rocket. They are helped by mission control staff. The rocket is at the gantry ready to go. It's by a Sunset ?? mission control room. - men at computers. Countdown. Apollo 11. Its engines ignite. It lifts off. The gantry falls away from the rocket. It takes off. July 20 1969. First men on moon land. The moon's surface seen from approaching spacecraft. Approaching the moon. The Eagle lands. Astronaut climbing out of spacecraft onto moon. Astronaut on moon collecting samples. Astronaut by spacecraft. Astronaut carrying scientific equipment. Astronaut with laser beam reflector. Astronaut on moon by American flag. Astronaut on moon by support leg of spacecraft. Astronaut on moon. Astronaut working on moon. The moon, seen from earth.

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