Film: 9348

Places + Locations | 1950 | Mute | B/W


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Travelogue of New York in the 1950's. U.S.A.

Aerial shot towards Statue of Liberty. Long shot of Manhattan. The Hudson River. People at concert - Central Park Children in park at play. Young people sitting watching passers-by. Man playing the recorder. Close up of his fingers. Girl with guitar sitting on the grass with young man. Close up of old men playing chess. Track past crowd with bus and truck in background. People waving at camera track down street past art exhibition. Men in park being interviewed, one comes and waves at camera. Men milling around equestrian statue. Arch in central Park (?) Leaves blowing along as people mill about. Stormy sky. Young people or students sit singing and clapping amidst crowd. Women dancing in circle before arch. Shot from within circle as women form chain, clap and chant. Shot moves to their feet. A hand in front of the camera. Long shot of street. Medium shot of bystanders watching artists mounting their work. Close up of artist. Window of the " Starving Artists Studio ". Man in doorway. Some prints. Men in suits, maybe Gallery buyers commenting. Close up of old man sitting outside gallery. Close ups of books - Thurber's Fables for our Time, Miller's Collected Plays, Fromm's The Art of Loving. Bookshop interior. Assistant with a cigarette in his mouth putting books on shelves. Couple browsing. Close up of "Our Friend". Man browsing by shelves. Man buying a newspaper outside at newspaper stand.
Back to park and girl with guitar and friend. Young man drawing while man sleeps on a bench alongside him. Close up of girl with guitar, man with recorder. Little boy staring at concrete ball (?) Smiles at camera. Close up of legs of smoking man in cut off jeans. Camera watches as woman passes. She looks back grinning.. Men in suits walk down busy street. Montage of street passes by. Man plays guitar for onlookers (poorly lit). CBS Television man with clapperboard. Man invites man from crowd to speak., to the amusement of onlookers. Close up of interviewer talking. Lady picks out items at vegetable stand while owner weighs them. They talk. Metropolitan Museum of Art plaque showing opening times. Exterior shot of building. Window of Hungarian grocery store. Shop window declaring multilingual service. A man crosses a busy street. Exterior of Highbridge Play Center. Police with batons patrolling street. Sign at corner of W 173rd and Amsterdam Avenue. Policemen patrolling. A tracking shot of a police car from behind. Sign at corner of W 175th and Audubon Avenue. Pallbearers bring coffin into St. Patrick's Church (?).

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