Film: 9349

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1950 | Mute | B/W


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New York ticker tape parade. Washington Capitol Congressional meeting.

New York City, U.S.A. Small parade of marching soldiers or marines. They are followed by a car bearing flags of U.S.A. and South Vietnam? Dignitary or leader of south Vietnam acknowledges crowd. Security personnel flank car. Person in skyscraper throwing out ticker-tape. Open-air reception where American (?) official greets Vietnamese.
Seven suit-wearing dignitaries walk in park. The Capitol Building (?) in Washington DC. The men inside building. They stand listening.
A group of men at the Virginia Memorial – General Robert E. Lee mounted on ‘Traveller’ and representations of seven typical Confederate soldiers. Man points at monument. Man peers down barrel of small field gun. Looking over American civil war battlefield.
Women carrying umbrellas and then a few men climb steps to big church. Priest and men in surpluses leave church carrying large cross and candles. Choir processes out. Large coffin is carried down steps. Solemn men follow coffin. Crowds at church steps.
Art. Photograph of old woman. Book page turns to reveal title of book – ‘Grandma Moses’. Small art gallery. Woman (presumably Grandma Moses – a great American folk art artist who lived to be 100 and who died in 1961) looks around small art gallery (probably in New York City). The exhibition is of paintings exhibited in Europe between 1953 and 1955. Men and then young woman looks round gallery at primitive paintings. Smiling Grandma Moses winks at camera.
New York City – outside municipal building (is this City Hall?) a car with a banner written on the side – ‘Welcome cabbies of Paris’. Children get out of car. Dignitaries (including man we saw earlier greeting Vietnamese official – is he the mayor?), stand in car. Procession of cars along a street in New York.
The Walter-Reed Army-Medical Center. Congress in a hall with delegates in audience. A man speaks at podium. It is an international audience. Men and women walk through corridors and doors. Science exhibition – a 5 foot model of the human ear. An exhibitor explains something. Female sound engineer turns knob and adjusts dial. A young woman tests mechanism and sings into microphone. Sound waves oscillate on screen. A large chemistry laboratory.
The Levittown Memorial High School in New York. Looks like a new school. Tv monitors show a science display. A science teacher talks with aid of model of human body. An early interactive tv school lesson. Teacher is in a film studio with camera crew. As he talks a class of children watch him on monitor. A light on a panel near teacher lights up so he may answer a question from the class. As teacher further explains his point (with aid of detachable body parts from the model), girl nods her understanding. Another teacher lectures on ‘The Mikado’ opera. He puts small model figures on a model stage. Cameraman. Close up of hand starting up a reel to reel tape machine. Actor or teacher dressed to look like the Mikado sings. A mathematics class. He has drawn a triangle on the blackboard and turns to talk to camera over his shoulder.
Four men pore over a book on a table. Outside of reactor in snow. Men walk round large factory, or reactor or power plant. Some men wear hard hats. An overseas or foreign delegation. Sign reads ‘Graphite Reactor’.
Pennsylvania – a helicopter with various gadgety attachments. In air crewman monitors trace lines on roll of paper – perhaps this is testing the weather or pollution? Helicopter flying in the snow.
Point of view through car windscreen around bend of wide road in wooded area. Car passes in other direction. Place name sign for ‘Scotts Valley’ population 200, elevation 570 feet. Another sign reads ‘World Famous Tree Circus’ as people pass in front of sign. Four people enter the outdoor tree circus. In it a remarkable amount of work has been done to trees to twist them into unnatural and contorted shapes. In some cases the stems divide and rejoin and in others different trees twist together. Some beautiful spirals are made. A chair is made from growing stems and a trunk divided so it takes on a heart shape. A woman smiles through this. Man responsible shows off one particular tree and smiles modestly.
The U.S Department of Commerce Bureau of the Census with a map showing the country’s centre of population. A statistical board shows us that the population makes a net gain of one person every 12 seconds. The population counter is about to go through the 170,000 figure and man points at it.

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