Film: 9351

Industry + Work | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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A short film about tin, its mining, smelting and uses.

Opening shots of tin cans on an assembly line. Voice: What is tin? Shot of tine ore. "Stannum - SnO2" Shots of tin mining, opencast and underground in Malaysia and Cornwall. Mining by water jet and by dredging of a lake is done in Malaysia. Shots of those processes. Liquid slurry of tin and soil passes through stages in which the heavy tin sinks. Other metals are extracted by electricity. Scenes of factory. Raw tin is smelted with ? and anthracite. Scenes of molten tin being moulded into ingots. Scenes of tin plate manufacture - steel is coated by tin. Tin is used in alloys and in solder. Scenes of factory processes. Tin is used in car and aeroplane manufacture. Tin has been known and mined for thousands of years. Phoenicians came to Cornwall for it. Apart from Malaysia and Cornwall tin is mined in Thailand, Indonesia and Nigeria.

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