Film: 9352

Farming + Rural Life | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Village in Ghana.

A child sits on a sandy beach. He climbs a palm tree. A woman walks across a field carrying firewood. Men sort and mend nets. A tiny black lamp curled up at the base of a wall. Four people lie on reed mats, one of them wakes and shakes another awake, she wakes the other two chidren by slapping them on the shoulder. The girl rubs the sleep from her yes. The blankets they used for covers to sleep under, they wrap around themselves as robes. They roll the mats up and lay them against the wall. An older woman in bright clothes sweeps in front of a house using rushes, other women in brightly coloured clothes stand in front of the house and watch. The village scene, women watching children, children playing , people carrying things to and fro. Fish and vegetable market. Lots of carrying things on heads, like yams. Making a stew with tomatoes, plantains, yams and lots of spices.

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