Film: 9353

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


Malaya. Malaysia and Singapore.
Panning view over the rooftops of the city of Singapore. Street level views of traffic, pedestrians and cyclists. View upwards to washing and laundry hanging from shop house balconies. Raffles Place. Colonnial building with sign for the company, Guthrie & Co. Ltd. High level view from the building over Singapore towards the harbour. The passenger liner "Chusan" arrives in dock. People wait for the ship at the quayside. Passengers on the ship line the decks. A couple at the quayside, the man uses binoculars to spot the passenger he waits for - Sir John Hay, Director of Guthrie & Co. Sir John walks down the P&O gang plank of the liner with Mr Taylor, who has come to meet him. Driver's POV as a car drives away from the docks. Guthrie & Co storage containers can be seen dockside. Singapore street views, before driving along a tree lined residential road. Car pulls up into the driveway of a luxury home. Sir John alights from his chauffeur driven car outside Guthrie offices. View over Singapore river with many sampans lined up. Riverside view looking back to the offices.
Sign for Ulu Remis Estate an oil palm plantation in Johor. View over the plantation. Workers are harvesting the palms and loading them onto a truck. A convoy of vehicles wait at the roadside. Four security officers guard the convoy. Sir John Hay arrives and is met and greeted by the plantation Manager. Armed security guard to protect against bandits. Men inspect a newly planted oil palm crop by the road. Departure by car deeper into the estate, they then stand and look out across the plantation. Estate workers, a woman sits on a step with a young child. Sir John Hay Clinic and Child Welfare Centre sign. Young children. Sir John arrives. View from a vehicle as it passes tall palm plantations. Workers climb precariously on a wobbly high ladder to harvest fruit at the top of very tall palms. Men inspect the fruit quality, while security guard stands by. Inspection group walk through the plantation. Car arrives at a large house, the Manager's residence. Roadworks being carried out on the estate to improve access. A steam train hauls open cargo cars of palm oil fruit into a station. Sir John takes a short ride on the railway. Men shake hands and Sir John returns to his car, while the Manager waves him off.
Singapore Airport - Sir John, along with Mr & Mrs Taylor from Singapore, board a plane to fly to Kuala Lumpur. View from the aircraft whilst in flight and as it comes in to land at Kuala Lumpur. Streets of Kuala Lumpur, KL. The Sultan Abdul Samad building. Mountbatten Road and the Guthrie & Co offices.A Sikh doorman opens the car door for Sir John. A visit to the Guthrie latex operation, a sign on corrugated factory buildings. Sir John meets the Manager.
Coffee plantation is visited, trees are inspected. Women are picking coffee beans. A visit to a tin dredging facility, possibly in Tanjong. Men are taken to the plant by small rowed boat. Buckets of clay move up a conveyor before being washed and processed for tin. The leftover wash is flushed out the back of the factory. Workers house down decking.
Vehicles travel along a rural Malaysian road. Drive past a rubber plantation. A truck with Tanah Meera Estate written along the side arrives at the factory. Rubber sheet production. Sir John visits the factory and examines produce. A rubber plantation after a storm has caused damage to trees. A large tract of seemingly vacant land, on closer inspection tiny rubber trees have just been planted. Staff from the Tanah Meera Estate at the estate's temple to provide a welcome reception. Sir John is presented with a flower garland. He addresses the staff.
Port Dickson Malaysia, a villa overlooking the sea. Sir John is met here and taken to a rubber plantation. Woman taps a tree. Latex collects in pots hung on the tapped trees. Men inspect the trees. Sua Betong Estate - children dance and welcome the visit by management. Panning view of the estate ending at the large Manager's house. People stand on the terrace. Clearance work with bulldozers removing trees and men burning the debris. The site is then ploughed to remove old roots. The estate Manager, Mr Bain and Sir John climb to a viewpoint above the estate. A worker demonstrates the budding process, grafting high yield rubber plants onto seedlings. Latex collection in the the plantation, tappers take buckets of rubber to collection stations. A tanker takes the bulk load to the factory. The tanker driver gets out of the truck, estate name is on the door. Factory visit.
The Labu estate, scouts and clubs hold a jamboree, they are the children of estate workers. Sir John meets the children and talks to the leaders. Driver's POV, rain on windshield. Plantations viewed from a moving vehicle. A chauffeur lets Sir John out of the car at Singapore harbour. The ship, Chusan, is in dock. Sir John bids farewell and boards the cruise liner. Women wave from the quayside. Sir John waves from the deck of the ship. A tug pulls the ship out of harbour.

Coffee. Tin dredging from clay. Rubber trees. Malayan temple and children. Latex rubber sap collected from palms.

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