Film: 9357

Sport | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Physical health and education in Canada.
Men in a gym doing exercises. Commentary says the difficulties of staying fit in an age of unprecedented ease. Most of the men doing the exercises are fairly elderly. they stretch and bend. The average condition of Canadians is poor. Man rushes through traffic on a busy road. Ladies in hats in the street. Man serves spaghetti, he is in a chef's hat and a wonderful American style cafe or diner. Close up of man eating, he stuffs food into his mouth. Coffee vending machine, close up. Push button and coffee into paper cup. Escalator and automatic door. Machines make us weaker. Lot of shots of automatic doors and people going up escalators. Lots of people in the street. Wrestling, Instructor describes and show holds. Bob Mac Nab, champion wrestler, he talks with wrestling in the back ground. For men that like 'rough sports'. Close up of wrestlers. He talks about joys and benefits of wrestling. In the gym, weight machines. Stills of Mr Universe including are from 1920's with a fig leaf. Agent in his office surrounded by pictures of Mr Universe portraits. Ben Reader says health and fitness books. Picture of Andre Le Pen, at 16, he is very thin, one year later, he is Mr Universe. Man flexes muscles in front of a mirror. Billy Hill, Mr. Montreal. Boy! Does he fancy himself. He strikes lots of poses. Gym full of exercising men with weights and bar bells. Various muscles exercised arms, legs, etc. Large people, women on exercise bikes. Women on wobbling machines, belts around their waists vibrate. Massage machines. Women on weights. Esquire health studio. Man talks about collapse of society, just like the Romans, due to too much ease. More wobble machines. Women now have household appliances mean women lose their figures. Man predicts home exercise machines. Women describes passive exercise machine. "The fat cells melt". Machines seen in motion. Man describes exercise bike, how it works. Continuous movement produces various benefits. Man goes on at length about diets. Diet and exercise discussed. Strenuous diet not encouraged. Golf range, close up of golf ball machine. Lots of men swinging on a golf range. Women play close up of golf on automatic tee. Man chants mantras. Meditation, women sit in lotus position. Man chants and practises yoga and teaches in yoga classes. Women stand on their heads. He assists. The women falls over. He chants 'Omm...'...'. He explains that increase in circulation is the point of exercise. Slow exercises. he demonstrates advanced yoga movements. He rotates his stomach muscles. He explains yoga's mind and body approach. Man lies on couch in front of television, smoking, couch potato. Is comfort the aim of life? Man drinks soda. Men jog around a gym. Man drinks and eats crisps slumped in front of the television.

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