Film: 9358

Medicine | 1970 | Silent | Colour


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Diagnostic films, possibly showing arthritic conditions.
1 - Young man in shorts and T-shirt walks backwards and forwards across frame. Walks towards camera and away, slightly awkward gait. Flexing bruised looking knee. Leg flexion. Very good close up of eye. Camera pulls out, eye blinks.
2 - Elderly woman hobbles across frame with stick. Repeats motion several times. Hobbles towards camera and back again. Repeats. Shot of woman's legs as she lies on couch, leg with swollen joints is flexed.
3 - Elderly woman supported by two other women, one in a white coat. As they hold her, she walks with great difficulty towards the camera. They turn her, she walks away from camera. Sequence repeated. Woman lies on couch, both legs flexed at knee. Sideways shot as leg flexed at knee. Woman, possibly occupational therapist or doctor, holds foot to aid movement.
4 - Middle aged woman, smiling, walks with some difficulty towards the camera and back again. Woman walks across frame and back again. Shot of woman's legs as she lies on couch, one leg crossed over another and back again. Woman's legs are rolled by white coated person just out of shot.
5 - Elderly man limps across frame. Limps towards camera and back again. Raises leg by flexion at knee, whilst lying on couch. Does same action with other leg. Sideways shot of leg, flexion at knee. White coated woman holds man's foot as leg is flexed. See films 7843, 34233 and 4375

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