Film: 9360

Medicine | 1980 | Silent | Colour


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Eye surgery.
Extracapsular extraction with lens implantation: process is shown in medium shot operation footage of the eye, including removal of capsule, cauterization, stitching, removal of lens. shot of unknown instrument.
Acetylcholine injection into anterior chamber: injection given, incision stitched, more stitching.
Conjunctiva closed by 8.0 collagen: footage of stitching.
Sub-conjunctival genticin: injection given.
Intracapsular cryo-extraction with amoils probe: incision of capsule, insertion of probe, removal of lens.
Anterior chamber reconstructed with air (title reversed): air is forced into anterior chamber with tube, resulting in bubbles visible within pupil area. Shot of unknown glass instrument. Instrument inserted into intracapsular space, deposited into cavity.
Acetylcholine 1 percent injected into anterior chamber [Title Reversed]: injection is carried out, followed by drops distributed over eye. Stitching, surplus tissue pulled back to show completed operational.
Clear footage, the 'unknown instrument' referred to is probably the intra-ocular lens itself.

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