Film: 9361

Medicine | 1980 | Silent | Colour


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Eye surgery.
Extracapsular extraction with lens implantation: medium shot of eye, extracapsular material incised, cauterization of corneal vessels.
Stepped scleral incision: incision with scalpel.
8.0 virgin silk suture: intricate stitching of incision. silk is cut, resulting in neat incision for entry to capsule. Lens gently and gradually removed from capsule. Capsule irrigate with fluid.
Four-loop implant: close up of intra-ocular lens held between tweezers. Four-loop implant inserted into capsule.
Acetaylcholine injection into anterior chamber: injection given, stitching of entry point, suturing of stepped incision.
Conjunctiva closed by 8.0 collagen: stitching of membrane.
Sub-conjunctival genticin: footage of injection.
Intracapsular cryo-extractiion with amoils probe: opening of capsule, removal of lens with probe.
Anterior chamber reconstructed with air: air is forced through a needle and into capsule of eye.
Twin loop implant: close shot of implant, footage of implant being inserted into capsule.
Acetylcholine one per cent injected into anterior chamber: footage of injection through cornea, followed by drops applied liberally to eye, final suture and clearing of residual tissue.

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