Film: 9362

Politics | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Ross Barnet, Governor of Mississippi, gives a news conference on arrests made by Mississippi police the day before. Seems to be an issue about Mississippi Laws that negate Federal Laws. Barnett wears shirt, light coloured tie and dark jacket. Majority of shots are in medium close up. Initially Barnett gets his papers together at rostrum from which statement is given. He asks if press are ready to start. He welcomes them to Mississippi. States that Mississippi can handle its own affairs and does not need external assistance. Advises U.S. Attorney General, Robert Kennedy, that Mississippi was not asking for troops or Marshalls to assist in quelling the race riots. Did not want them because felt that officers and people of Mississippi could handle the situation even when people are tempted to break laws. These laws will be enforced. Wants black and white to work in harmony because there is too much work to be done to stomach outside agitators. Comes to end of statement and questions are asked (often difficult to hear questions). Question: ? Answer: Have heard of 'Freedom Riders' which are on their way from Montgomery, Alabama? He expects them to obey laws of Mississippi. Question: Is Mississippi prepared for future about future groups coming to the state. Answer: They will attempt to be prepared for any future groups. Question: ? Answer: The laws of Mississippi must be enforced. Question: Can Mississippi cope with further incursion. Answer: Wants to improve educational possibilities and economic conditions. Claims that everyone works together in Mississippi in peace. Question: What laws are to be enforced? Answer: All those in the Statute Book. Question: What laws were broken yesterday? Answer: Barnett states that he was not there and that the question should be directed to the police. However, he can confirm that State laws were broken hence the arrests. Question: Comment on situation in Alabama. Answer: Not his place to comment on other States. Question: To what extent can States pass Laws that negate Federal Laws? Answer: Too long an answer to answer. Question: About a Robert Kennedy statement. Answer: States that he wants anyone to come to Mississippi if they are coming for bonefide reasons. Not heard the statement. Question: ? Answer: Arrests made yesterday for refusing to obey police officers. Other charges included breach of the peace. Commends the bus companies involved with the Freedom Riders. States that those arrested will have a fair hearing. Question: Is what is happening in Mississippi giving America a bad name? Answer: No! People of America want laws to be enforced. Question: ? Answer: Federal Government is a creature of the States therefore each State should control its own internal affairs. Question: That means that State can disregard Federal Laws. Answer: High regard for all laws. Calls end of Conference.

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