Film: 9363

Science | 1960 | Silent | B/W


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Russian scientists talking on East German television about their space achievements.
Model of moon, hand points at certain areas of model. Tilt up to man (scientist) wearing suit and tie, talking while looking at and talking about the model. Hands are quite expressive. He walks away from moon to blackboard. With chalk he draws circle (moon) through which he draws straight lines. Horseshoe shapes are drawn to right of moon. He walks back past model to desk where he sits with another man. Medium shot of second man who begins to address camera. He rises and walks to black board. He draws an arc and indicates movement by drawing an arrow.
Medium shot of news reporter addressing camera. Back to the two men sitting at desk. the first speaks, rises and walks model of moon and begins to point at it again.
Cut to sign above door 'Judische Gemeinde Von Gross - Berlin' with the Star of David on either side. Long shot of large official building (in East Berlin?). Woman walking through entrance to building. Girls in uniform walking through the same. Women and men in army uniforms walking through same. A woman holding a flowering pot plant with children on either side of her on pavement.
A news reporter holding up photograph of Cosmonaut. He puts it down and continues to speak.

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