Film: 9364

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


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Expedition to climb Mount Everest in the Himalayas in Nepal in 1933.

Title. Subtitle. Text describing four expeditions to climb Mount Everest: that one in 1921 discovered a possible route to the summit; that one in 1922 reached over 27,000 feet, but ended in disaster; that one in 1924 made 28,000 feet, only 1000 ft from the summit, but that two men died; and that the film describes the fourth; the text continues to say that the film was taken with a miniature camera; and that the film has technical shortcomings because of the nature of the conditions it was filmed in.

Men on the mountain, by a flat plain of ice, with several jutting mounds of ice around; pan right to a huge dramatic ice formation. Men walking up a slope of ice. Three men slowly walking along an ice plain. A mountaineer with huge rucksack below rocks covered with ice, to other climbers sitting down; pan up to show the huge dramatic ice formation. The top of an elaborately formed ridge of ice. A large ice field; tents on the snowy side, many men standing around amongst them.

People walking down steps off a ship. The Taj Mahal. A different view of the Taj Mahal or a different temple, from behind trees. The front of the temple, from close in. A man on the roof; he jumps off. We see that he has landed in a pool, surrounded by walls; he swims along inside it, under an arch, through which steps are visible. People sitting around a table under an umbrella; people standing to the left; a fence surrounds them; they appear to be high up. Ceremonial dancing outside an ornate temple; people in costumes. Similar dancing in an open area. Three people inside a temple. People wearing masks and costumes. A man with a mask. A crowd of people. Three old people. People standing by trees, possibly high up.

A crowd of people by a fence or something. People sitting in stands. People by the wooden structure with trees behind it. A crowd of people high up, by a cable. A man puts a ribbon over a man's neck, who walks off quickly; a rapid pan along with him. A ribbon over another man's neck. People on grass by a house; trees around. Closer in; things on the ground that may be the mountaineers' rucksacks. Three sherpas pick up the large pack.

Men riding horses down a town centre road. Horses carrying packs along the road; men follow behind them. Men carry rucksacks along a road. A man gets onto a horse; a hill and a ruined house behind. A man walks across a bridge; forest behind. The man walks off the other side, followed a little way back by the horses carrying packs, then others. Men riding horses along a hillside. A hillside. A road up a hillside. Men riding horses on rocky hills; pan down to a waterfall.

Lots of people at a marketplace. Two men boxing below an icy ridge. Two more boxers. Again. Two men wrestling below a hill. Two men fighting. The two men wrestling. Tents below the mountain. A man, with a box hanging from a pole. A dog tied up on a lead; a man holding the other end. A man getting food; on the side of the mountain. Two bulls. Men with bulls on a grassy plain by the mountain. A man on a horse, the face of the mountain behind him. A row of tents below the mountain. The icy mountain.

Men eating at tables. A man with a hat eating. People at tables eating. A man on a horse on a plain by or beneath the mountain; pan around to hills and people on the plain. The expedition walking up a hill; the flat ice field can be seen behind and below them, as well as mountain ridges, some covered with ice. Three men riding horses along a flat area of ice. A man rides a horse across ice. A way back, men riding horses on ice or snow. Many sherpas standing beneath a sheer mountain face. Two sherpas with very long hair start laughing.

Pan up a tall mountain face to see buildings on the mountain. A sherpa with a hat looks at the camera, on an ice field; a slope behind. People by the slope. An old man spinning something around, on the ice. A man with a mask on dancing around. Nepalese people gathered around, sitting in a circle, watching people perform. Children and old people standing on ice. An old woman with elaborate headgear. In a crowd, someone pats a small child's head. People standing on the ice. Crowd. In crowd, a man at the centre of the screen laughing. An old man with long hair and a hat laughing. The man in the crowd in the centre making faces at the camera; he is surrounded by children.

Two people on a rocky ridge, mountains far away in the distance. A rocky hill and slope. Two men, one either side of a grave stone saying "A.M. Kellas 1921".

A man rides a horse through water. Three more men riding horses across the river. Many horses, some carrying packs, walking up a slope having crossed the river. White water going down the river, past a stony bank. Men putting up a rope by tents beneath a stony mountain face; a man hangs under it and uses it to get over the river. He gets off at the other side. A man hanging under the rope; he moves along and gets off. A man holds on to something that hangs on the rope and is moved across; he starts to get off the other side. From a long way above, a pack being moved over the river; pan right to show the white water just a short way away. A horse being pulled across through the white water.

Tents one side of the river, a huge group of people by them; a large stone building the other side, the huge hills and slopes behind. From above, the large numbers of tents and animals and people, a lake off to the side. Bulls carrying packs walk along beneath a hill. From a distance, bulls beneath a huge rock face; pan up it to show buildings on its side. A man outside tents with a box; he walks inside one; another man walks up and puts a box down; pan up to the building on the mountain. People walk through a stone doorway. They continue up steps between stone walls.

A man hammering a tent peg, amongst the other climbers and tents. An old man with a hat, the same man seen eating earlier. Three ornately dressed Nepalese men in front of ornate and brightly coloured curtains. A man with glasses and a top hat on the ice. Men walking along an ice field; an ice-covered ridge behind. The three men. The man in hat, from slightly further away; a long white wall can be seen in the distance. One of the men sitting down in front of a curtain or a hanging carpet. A large and elaborate white building, or several of them, beneath a mountain.

Men in robes performing in a circular area to an audience; a structure with pillars and balconies behind. The tops of the white buildings. More of them, built in a slope up the hillside. A man with a donkey carrying a sack; a hill in the background. A man walking alongside a donkey on ice beneath an icy mountain face; more donkeys follow. Men walking along a path between two short walls; ice surrounding. A man hitting a tent peg. Tents on ice; rocky hills either side, a mountain in the distance behind. A man on the ice with a telescope. The mountain as seen through it. People on the ice.

A rocky mountain face to the right; a stone structure below it; people below that; pan left to a mountain, perhaps Everest, behind. A Nepalese man looking at the camera, sitting outside a hut. A man standing looking at the camera. An icy mountain; tents below. Tents on stones by a river below a stony slope. A tall man standing between two short Nepalese people; bulls behind. A bearded man in front of the camera. A man by a stony slope looks at the camera. A man outside a tent. A man taking off his glasses. Pan up a man; a slope behind.

A bird flying through the air, and landing on a snow slope. Two birds on snow. A man by a tent on an ice field puts a rucksack on and walks towards the camera. Snow-covered mountains; a man walks past the camera. A frozen waterfall going through rock; men ride on horses. The icy summit of a mountain. The top of a mountain; elaborate rock formations seen leading up to it. Icy summit. The summit as seen from a distance; tents below. A huge building on the ice plain. Tents on the huge area of ice, seen from above.

Men walking along, with sticks. They walk past a short rocky wall. A procession of men walking up a stone slope. They walk past an ice face. Tents below sheer rock. Men walking on ice plains, around tents. A procession on ice. Mountaineers walking over ice. A ridge on a mountain. People walk up the ridge. A procession walking around a jutting mound of ice. They walk along past hills. Men with sticks walking up an ice slope. As seen from behind them. A small dog on the ice. Men walking up ice. A man pitching a tent on ice. Men standing around a tent. Men by a tent below an ice face. A man alone on the ice field. Tents on ice.

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