Film: 9366

Feature Drama | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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American television drama.
Problems with a teenager and father communicating over son's future.
Three shots of Manhattan, New York, at night, skyscrapers all lit up. Close up of record-player. Father comes in. Son goes back to school on Monday. Son says, "I can't go back to school." Father insists "That's final!" Mr. Jennings, the father. Don, the son. Nurse to go back with son to school. The father works too hard. Mary brings coffee to nurse. Mother killed in car crash; mother "was a saint." Mr. Jennings works to not think (presumably about her death?). Mary is the loyal servant, she doesn't understand Don; he wants a musical career; Don plays the nurse his records and they discuss the power of music. Father wants son to be an athlete, then to go to Harvard. Don not going to conform, not going to work in his father's construction company. Don plays the piano to nurse in raptures. Father doesn't know about piano lessons. Nurse says father and son are very similar. Mary says Don is stubborn. Nurse on telephone to headmaster. Where is Don? Why is he not at school? Nurse makes an excuse of the car being a problem. Nurse tells Don to play some baseball and meet his father half-way. She agrees to drive him to school. In the headmaster's office, he says he's been away three weeks. Headmaster says he must practice baseball, and play no piano - "Chopin must wait!" Nurse asks that he does both. Headmaster says boys need "to be strong, self-reliant, have a clean mind and a healthy body." "Is Chopin unclean?" nurse asks. Don lacks "backbone". Mary says "boys go through stages". Don has run away from school. Father telephones the police. Policeman writes down details in big book while on the telephone. Father says nobody gave him anything, yet his son has had everything. Don is "starved of affection". Nurse is amateur psychologist. Nurse and father discuss if it might be suicide because that's how his mother died. Don is asleep in nurse's house. Headmaster and father argue about piano lessons. Father and son shake hands.

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