Film: 9370

Education | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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A German language course with English narration. Two English visitors go on a sight-seeing tour in Munich, and in a gallery one of them is mistaken for a thief. The dramatized story is in German without any explanations of vocabulary or grammar 1960's

Animation with the words 'Guten Tag' ('Good day') and a flower. A huge paper flower and an empty bank before a black background. - Part 19. - 'We are learning German.' Man with book in his hands enters, sits down on bank, saying 'Guten Tag.' He reads. He leaves without the book. A man with a tennis-racket enters, finds the book. 'Wem gehoert das Buch?' - 'Who does this book belong to?' He reads. (Title of the book: 'Ich lerne Deutsch' - 'I'm learning German') 'Ich interessiere mich sehr fuer Deutsch.' - 'I'm very interested in German.' He takes out another book. 'Das Buch ist so interessant wie das hier.' - 'That book is as interesting as this one.' He leaves. The first man enters. 'Who has taken the book?' -- 'Come with me!' -- Munich. A bus for a sightseeing tour. Another one. People enter. Tim, our visitor from England, reads out with difficulties the sign on the bus: 'Pinakothek. Nymphenburg. Deutsches Museum.' Our second visitor, Pierre, reads out the sign at the second bus. The same names, but in a different order. He reads out 'Man spricht deutsch.' - 'German spoken.' He takes this bus because he wants to learn German. Tim takes the other bus, the explanations being in English. They enter the buses. The buses leave, pass through streets with historical buildings. Bus interior, one of the visitors looking out of the windows at the buildings. The first stop: the bus stops in front of the Deutsches Museum. Pierre's group enters the Deutsches Museum (that is similar to the Science Museum, London). 'What do we see here?' - 'Science. From the beginning to the present.' A hall with sailing-ships. A strange device producing flashes. Another one. A loud explosion. Some models of smoking houses.
The second bus stopping in front of the 'Alte Pinakothek' (an art gallery). The front sign with opening hours. Tim enters the gallery. Pierre's group, looking at the first Diesel motor. A picture of Rudolf Diesel in front of the motor. Diesel was German, but the inventions in the museum are from all the different countries. Tim in the art gallery. He observes a woman with an easel copying a self-portrait of Albrecht Durer. Tim and the woman have a conversation: Tim is interested in art, and the pictures in this gallery are from all the different countries. He damages the sign with the name of the painter while 'looking' at Duerer's picture. The original and the copy of the self-portrait are shown, they look nearly the same. 'This picture is as good as this one.' A guard enters, asking the woman if she has finished, then removing the painting with the damaged frame. Another man enters, and he and the woman pack up her stuff, while Tim is holding her picture. He is told to wait; the woman and the man leave. Pierre and his group looking through a telescope, one after the other. A man states that 'this is VERY interesting.' Tim in the gallery, still holding the picture, looking at his watch. The guard in the room next to Tim's spots him and waves at another guard. They point to Tim. Tim, still waiting. The guards coming closer, obviously thinking: 'You won't get away with this, boy!' They take the picture (the copy) and ask Tim to join them. Tim tries to explain, but in vain. They lead him away. The woman comes back, looking for Tim and her painting. Pierre's bus arriving at Nymphenburg. The guards leading Tim up a long staircase. The woman, looking for Tim in a passage in the museum. Pierre and his group in front of the Nymphenburg castle. Tim with the guards in the director's office. He tries to explain that the painting is only a copy. The Director asks him why he held a 'copy' in his hands. Tim says that he is interested in paintings… The director and the guards look at each other. A specialist examines the painting with a magnifying glass. The director wants to know whose picture it is and where they can find the original. Tim repeats that a man has taken it. 'A man like you.' He points at the guard. The guard takes of his hat and looks surprised. The woman in a hall with paintings, looking for Tim. Pierre and his group entering the gallery. Pierre meets the woman. She asks: 'Where is the young man with the painting?' Pierre doesn't know. Tim and the guards, going down the stairs with the painting. The woman spots him and takes the picture. The guards ask for the original. The guard with the original walks by. Tim spots him, runs to him and shows the picture to the others. The guard explains that he repaired the sign. Tim is asked why he did not explain this. - He did not because he does not speak German very well. But he is interested in art, and so he shows the Duerer's painting to the others.
Repetition of some of the German expressions (accompanied with the corresponding extracts of the film): Pierre in the Deutsches Museum in front of a device producing flashes. He says that he is interested in science, repeats it slowly, waits for the spectator to repeat it. Caption of the sentence. Tim and the woman with the easel in the art gallery. He asks if he may watch, repeats it slowly, waits for spectator to repeat it. Caption of the sentence. Credits.

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