Film: 9378

Royalty | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Princess Elizabeth in Canada 1950's Lots of flowers, children, speeches, processions and local dignitaries plus visits to a Native American reservation, a Rodeo show, an ice hockey game, a coach of Edward VII's, and Elizabeth meets President Truman and drives a train.

A bay, hills slope down to form the harbour inlet. On shore, flat roofed houses, small rowing boats drawn up on the shore, cars, British flags hung out. Princess Elizabeth, bare-headed in a double-breasted white coat with fur-trimmed sleeves, escorted by gentlemen in suits and ladies in fur, walks down a pier. Boats full of children waving Union Jacks. The Princess with flowers boarding the boat, seen from above.

Airport at Montreal - a building with 'BOAC' painted on the side in the background. An aeroplane with twin propeller engines on each wing and a striped tail, the 'BOAC Stratocruiser', taxis to land. Children behind a wire fence cheer as Elizabeth descends wearing a fur jacket, knee-length skirt, gloves and hat, followed by the Duke of Edinburgh in his uniform and a long double-breasted coat. They meet the Governor General, Field Marshall Alexander, a dark haired suited gentleman, and the Primer (?), an old man. They shake hands and walk off together across the airfield. Commentary - the Princess had flown because of the delay caused by the King's illness. The Canadian royal airforce, ranks stand to attention in khaki uniforms with white belts. A salute and flags are raised. The Princess in a black car, hood down, climbing steps up to a platform next to a railway, then waving from the back of the ten coach royal train; dome-roofed with a canopy over the platform at the back. Female commentator.

French Canada - Quebec - Union Jacks on flagpoles and shields hung from windows. The Princess in velvet coat and gloves waves from a black car with the hood down. Close up as boy holds up a baby to see, and a high shot as people run alongside the car. The royal car crosses a bridge over a moat to a gate in fortress walls, where General Woolf came when he won the city of Quebec and Canada. People stand in an open square shape on the grass of the mound above the walls. The Princess goes to review French-Canadian soldiers who distinguished themselves in the last war, she walks between officers with rows of medals.

Ottawa - The royal train pulls into a station, soldiers and crowds to greet Elizabeth and Philip as they descend and shake hands. Parliament Hill, the Canadian Houses of Parliament and the Peace Tower, spires rising from four walls of a courtyard. The Princess reads from a paper in front of a microphone, donating an embroidered carpet of Queen Mary's, sold during the war to make money for England, to the National Gallery. Close up shots of the carpet, made by the Queen herself, panels of flowers and the interlaced initials 'MR' beneath a crown.

The Royal Air force 'Stratocruiser' takes the royal couple to Toronto, and the Princess descends wearing a black coat and brooch. A display by the Royal Canada Airforce; shots from the ground as planes fly overhead in formation. The Niagara Falls, longish shots of the Princess standing by the railings, the Falls in the background and of her coming out later in a hooded raincoat to see the Falls in the rain.

Canadian Winsor - a harbour with huge tower blocks near the American border. Princess Elizabeth comes out onto the deck of a ship with Canadian flags over the cabin doorway. A ship in the harbour spurts up water in fountains. Jackson park; a crowd of Brownies, little girls in uniform jackets, skirts and caps, wave and cheer and one comes forward, curtseys and presents Elizabeth with flowers. Close ups of Brownies clapping.

Winnipeg - bad weather is expected, so a plastic ribbed hood has been built and fitted over the open topped royal car - processions through streets. Crowds - lots of women in headscarves. Soldiers link arms and struggle to stay upright as they are jostled by the crowd. The Princess stops to wave to the crowd on her way up the steps, guarded by soldiers, to the seat of the province's governor. A sign hung across a street reads 'Welcome to Regina'. Soldiers with round helmets, mounted, and each holding a flagpole, process through the crowds. The Queen in her fur coat, holding white flowers walks past children, cubs and a group of girls sitting under blankets waving Union Jacks with gloved hands.

The steam train - the engine is rounded and high there is one light in the centre at the front, the cabin door says 2863. The Princess and the Duke descend from the carriage to meet the governor of Alberta, a portly man with a ten gallon hat in his hand, and the mayor, an older man. The royal visitors are taken to an Indian village where members of five tribes are encamped. A ring of five large tepees, their frames covered with leather patterned with stripes in horizontal and diagonal patterns. In the background large building and telegraph poles are still visible. A crowd of people are gathered behind Elizabeth and her husband as they shake hands with two Indian chieftains in headdresses with of large white feathers with black tips, reaching down to the ground, flower-embroidered clothes covered with striped blankets tied with a thick patterned belt at the waist. Close ups of the chieftains. A squaw, the chieftain's wife, in a long fringed dress, a blanket around her shoulders woven with stripes, and a feathered cap,. Carries a box with is opened before the Princess. The chieftain takes things out, holding them up. These are gifts for the royal children. A dance, half a dozen braves, in smaller headdress than the chiefs, form a circle and their shuffle their feet, stamping in rhythm. The camera rests on one man, younger than the others, who wears no headdress, but has a suit of light-coloured leather with beads around his neck and shells hanging down over an apron at his front. He has feathers bunched at his back like a tail and carries a hoop.

A race course, the stadium filled with people as the royal procession comes along the track and the Princess steps out of a ninety year old stage coach, once used by Edward the Seventh - a high wheeled coach with carriage lamps and the chauffeur sitting up high on top. The Princess is followed by the Duke, who holds up a ten gallon hat like those of the men who greet them, one in a fringed leather cowboy jacket. People huddle under blankets in the ranch to watch a Rodeo show. The winner of the competition is announced, and he comes forward, waving one hand as he balances on his wildly bucking horse. Another rider seen from above, being thrown off his horse. Elizabeth beneath a blanket with Philip, still in his hat and a local official. A chuck wagon race; teams of four horses drawing small covered wagons stampede over the snowy ground - they have numbers on the side and one has 'Buck Horn Guest Ranch' printed on the wagon covering.

A lake in the Rocky mountains and the steam train on the track winding around the shore line. A line of people from a small settlement wave as the carriages pass. A large street with high buildings, advertisement boards and a sign which reads 'Georgia'. Seen from above, crowds line both sides of a two lane highway as the royal procession in motorcars with a motorcycle escort, passes.

British Columbia, according to the commentator, 'where British colonels go to die'. Looking down on a park in Vancouver Island packed with people. The Princess descends and is presented with something by a little girl in a feathered headband and fringed skirt. Lots of children jump up and down. A small boy in a 'bib and tucker' comes to shake hands with the Princess and Duke.

The Destroyer cruise ship, decked with flags, in port. The Duke, in his naval uniform follows the Princess over the gangway, returning the salute of the sailors on board. The ship passes under a long bridge between two hilly shores. Prince Philip looking out in black sunglasses and smiling, chatting to an officer. The Princess wears a headscarf. On a quay, guns are fired. The car and then the steam train through snow covered mountains. Meeting people in Edmonton, then Elizabeth climbs up into the cabin of the 315 ton steam engine, leaning forward as she is shown the controls. She drives the train with Philip as fireman - they are shown from the window outside looking out from the cabin. Old ladies with flowers, Elizabeth speaking to them. Philip with children. High side shot of procession of drummers and bagpipe players in Scottish kilts. A line of children in kilts and caps. The royals wave from a platform.

The Royal Airforce plane taxies and the Princess and Duke descend. A street blocked with people and a police cordon. A sign hung over the street reads 'Saskatoon bids you welcome'. A little girl steps up to the car to present flowers. North Bay; the royals meet quintuplets at the airport - five identical sisters, standing in a row dressed identically in skirts, blouses, and hats with handbags even held on the same arms. Shot from the side as they shake hands and curtsey to Elizabeth. Baby girls in fur hooded coats.

Back in Montreal, the car pulls up at a stadium with a huge 'E' marked out on the stands. Children chant a song. Men in uniform ride motorbikes with shield. A shot from below of the inscription 'Queen Mary Veterans Hospital' WITH union Jack crests. Crowds, a row of girl guides peer out to see. Patients inside the hospital a ward with big mirrors and windows. The veterans sit up in bed as the Princess, in a dress with fringed sleeves an d a black silky cap stops by bedsides to speak to some.

In the dark, a spotlight sweeps over a crowd of upturned faces outside the Princess and Duke's hotel room. Cheers as they step out onto a balcony hung with draping with a royal crest hung at the front. The Princess smiles and waves.

A game of ice hockey, the Princess walks to her seat. The game from above intercut with the Queen watching.

Back aboard the aeroplane to fly to Washington. A large street with an impressive pillared building and a motorcycle escorting a V-shape. The royal car from above. The Princess, in a V-necked dress with a small collar, two Canadian leaves pinned on her lapel, and a beaded lacy hat, stands at a microphone at a long table and makes a speech saying how grateful she is to be able to meet President Truman and his family, and how she wishes she had time to meet all of those who are listening to her, assembled in a large hall. The Princess and Duke move around the crowd, shaking hands. Princess Elizabeth in her coronet, full silk dress with a sash pinned across her chest with a star shaped pin, meets President Truman, who wears a dinner jacket. They sit together on a cushioned sofa in a study while Prince Philip stands, speaking to the President's daughter, who also wears a silk dress and sash. The Princess standing up next to Mrs Truman and her daughter, she turns her head, smiling, to speak to the presidents wife. The camera draws back to show President Truman on the Princess' left and Prince Philip on the other side of the line, who is pointing down at something. Commentary about how proud the Canadians are of their Princess and how she has 'conquered America, and made her more closely our friend'.

The plane takes off, the train passes through woods, by mountains and lakes, crowds waving a railway sign says 'St Hyacinthe'. Fenced off fields with snow, more signs 'Fredericton'. The Princess and Duke wave from the back of the train to children with flags, 'Amhurst' sign. High shot of rows of houses. The royal couple leave on a liner from Newfoundland, the huge white ship is seen leaving from over the shoulder of a man in uniform waving.

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