Film: 9381

Farming + Rural Life | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Drive your Farm tractor safety film 1950's School with traditional yellow school buses. Richland County Fair In USA. Rides. Tractor contest with prize giving to young and old. Nice shot of man talking into old style boxed microphone.

A farmer on a John Deere Tractor leaves the farmyard being waved off by his wife and child. He has a near accident on the road. Another accident leaves a man without his trousers near the drive shaft. Safety using a Draw bar hook when hitching and implement in the field. A man on a tractor turns down the opportunity to give two young women a lift knowing that extra riders are not allowed. Farmall Tractor. Farmer cranking tractor. Moving belts and pulleys. A John Deere. A Ford tractor. Tipping of a tractor and a model is used to demonstrate why a tractor tips under different circumstances. Power drive shaft and a scarf is used to demonstrate how it can pull in loose clothing or even loss of limbs. Allis Tractor. Danger of fire.
An automobile and tractor collision on the road. A John Deere with trailer uses a flag pole which can be easily spotted. The Highway at night and lights are just visible. Use of reflectors. Checking brakes.
Men working in factories making Tractors and other agricultural implements are much more safety conscious.
Headlines from newspapers include Boy Hurt…', 'Farmer killed…', 'Youth dies…' 'Tractor Rolls…' 'Farm Accident' etc.
Young people learning about Tractor Safety. The Richland County Fair with fairground rides. A tractor handling competition. A Silver King? With McCormick implement being manoeuvred. Young man on John Deere tractor. A boy is presented with prize and joined by an older man.

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