Film: 9382

Industry + Work | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Drilling for oil in Trinidad. Petroleum processing 1940's
General island views - coastal aerial shots and tropical vegetation.
Locals clear a site of trees in preparation for road building. Rubble is moved in primitive wheelbarrows and by women carrying trays on their heads. Road building. Steel parts of a derrick. Men review plans and blue prints. A derrick is built to commence drilling for oil. Panning view of the fully built steel tower. Rotary table installed. Flush pump installed. A bank of boilers provide power to the well. A fish tailed drill bit is put in place. A white supervisor oversees the work by locals. Supervisor talks on a site phone and drilling commences. Various scenes of the boilers ready, mud being pumped for lubrication, dials and pressure gauges. Close up of drilling. Extra lengths of drill pipe being positioned as hole gets deeper. Drill is hoisted out and hosed down. New length of pipe joined in.
Sections of pipe removed from the drill and stacked, in order to carry out a test for oil. White supervisors lower an electrical device into the bore to inspect the drilling. Read outs are plotted on a graph. A system of valves, a "Christmas tree" is fitted to the top of the bore enabling pressure management. Oil pressure gauge close up. Men turning wheels, monitoring pressure, finally pump brings up oil.
Field storage tanks, where oil is first pumped to. Pipelines through the forest. An oil refinery on the coast. Various views of the refinery and its storage tanks. Machinery inside the refinery. Chemists at work processing the oil. Huge storage tanks. White man supervisors local black men as refined product is pumped from tanks. Lengths of piping from the tanks proceeds along a very long jetty to waiting ships. Sailor checks the level in the ship's tank. Valves are opened and closed, pipe detached from ship. Cargo ship departs. Ship at sea. Tug pulls ship into its UK destination port and workers attach pumps to remove the refined oil into waiting tanker trucks, bearing the name Regent Super. Men close the tanker hatches and the trucks depart the port with their cargo "Buy British Regent Super Petrol".
Final few clips show uses of oil - a farmer in his tractor, trucks on the road, planes, ships.

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