Film: 9386

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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A pleasant simple film about the growth of co-operative farms and farming in Denmark 1950's

Opening shot of flat Danish landscape. View of village - church, school, co-op store. Scene in farmer's house and office. Most of Danish agriculture is based on co-operatives run by the farmers. Scenes in pasture and in cow's byre. Cattle being milked by machine. Shots of farm and farmyard. Cans of milk are seen on lorry en route for co-operative dairy. Milk is weighed and tested. Shot of machinery making butter and cheese. Most butter and cheese products are exported - shot of railway, docks and ships. Denmark's exports per capita are the largest in the world. Foreign trade enables Denmark to pay for imports - more shots of ships loading.
A group of farmers, the management committee, are seen discussing cheese production. Poultry is important. Farmer's wife and boy are seen collecting eggs. These go to the co-operative egg-packing station. Retail co-op stores are common. Scenes in stores and co-op factories making binder twine, soap and cigars.
Lorry is seen taking skimmed milk back to farm to feed pigs. General meeting of farmers begins with Danish folk song. Songs by farmers. Next, pigs go to co-op abattoir. Vets examine carcasses. Managers of these co-ops are elected by members. Scene of National Co-op Committee. View of Parliament building. Still pictures of early pioneers - 19th century members of parliament and "Folk High Schools" which led to co-operative movement. Final shots of Danish countryside and of farmer at home. Diagram shows growth of co-ops in Denmark.

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