Film: 9390

Farming + Rural Life | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Farming in the USA in the 1940's

A man ploughs a field with a tractor. Another man ploughs a field with a horse. People are potato picking. Cows walk into a shed. Cotton pickers. A saw mill. A farmer ploughs a field with a horse. Cows in a field. Dried soil. A field with poorly grown maize (corn). Soil ploughing. Cotton pickers. Several shots of a buffalo herd. Deer in a woodland area. A forest. People ploughing soil with the aid of horses. Fallen trees rotting in a forest. Close up of the rotting tree with mushrooms growing among the decomposing plant material. A microscopic slide showing soil micro-organisms. A forest. Soil bacteria as seen under the microscope. A hand rambles through soil. Another view of the forest. Tall grass. A hand picks up a bit of soil. The forest. Another shot of the fallen tree. A man cultivates the soil with a generic implement. Another man ploughs soil with a horse. Two men build a haystack. A mechanical plough. A diagram illustrates the amount of soil that is and is not fertilised. A poor crop. A poor pasture. Field burning. A field showing soil erosion. The words "Organic Matter" and "Plant Food" appear on the screen. A chemist is mixing substances in test tubes.

Two agricultural workers (American Black) add fertiliser to the soil. An agricultural test field in the USA. A man walks through an experimental corn crop. A slide explains the importance of organic matter for the soil (organic matter gives the soil a good structure and improves its tilth). A man collects light and crumbly soil with his hands. A cultivated field. Water runs through heavy soil. Light soil. Two pieces of soil, one comes from soil rich in organic matter and the other from soil deficient in organic matter. Cultivated soil. On screen: "Organic matter provides food for bacteria". A microscopic slide showing soil bacteria. An agricultural research centre in the USA. A bacteriologist weighs a sample of soil and dissolves it in sterile water, he then dilutes a sample of the suspension and places a drop onto an agar plate (petri dish) which is left in the incubator. Calendar pages are turned over. After a time, the bacteriologist removes the petri dish from the incubator. Plenty of colonies grow on petri dishes incubated with soil rich in organic matter. On screen: "Organic matter keeps plant foods available so the plants can use them". Three tomato plants which were grown in a greenhouse experiment, the three soils have different amounts of organic matter and as expected the plants grew in proportion to the amount of available organic matter. On screen: "Organic matter serves as a storehouse of nitrogen, available phosphorus and other plant foods". Ploughed soil. A legume crop. A rye crop. Harvesters harvesting rye. A legume crop. A man uses commercial nitrogen to fertilise his field. Two men fertilise a field with nitrogen. Soil ploughing. A pie diagram explains the source of soil nitrogen. Two men examine legume plants. A man holds two soya bean plants. Close up of the soya bean plant's roots to show the root nodules. More soil ploughing methods. A snow covered field. An USA map shows the influence of temperature on the rate of decay of organic matter. A southern USA cotton field. Snow covered fields. Rain falls on a cultivated field. People picking cotton. A geological map of the USA illustrates the amount of rainfall in the USA. A forest. A prairie or grassland. A man touches a cross section of soil strata. A forest. Soil erosion. Forest soil. Soil ploughing. Wheat is harvested with a combined harvester. A corn field. Lime is added to soil. Potato harvesting. Two men examine soil in a grassland field. A cultivated field. Two men walk among tall corn plants in a corn field. Weeds grow in a "resting field". A poor soil. Soil ploughing. An American farm surrounded by cultivated fields. Pigs eating among a corn field. More soil ploughing. Two men examine soya bean plants in a field. A West Virginia Experiment Station chart shows the results of unfertilised crops versus fertilised crops. Combined harvester. A field is ploughed and fertilised simultaneously. A field is fertilised with manure. An Ohio experimental corn crop field, half was fertilised with manure while the other half was not. A rye field. A legume field is ploughed. An uncultivated field (it is on rotation, that is it is used for pasture). A clover, alfalfa and soybean field. Clover flowers. Clover field. A clover field is ploughed under. Experimental fertilised soya bean plants. A red clover field is ploughed under. A field of red clover. Hay stacks in a harvested field. Clover field. A soya bean field. An American corn farm with a watermill. Close up of soya bean plants. A corn field. A man holds a soya bean plant from the Ohio experimental station, these plants received neither lime nor fertiliser.

A man holds a soya bean plant which was grown in a field fertilised with phosphate. Another man holds a soya bean plant that was fertilised with phosphate and lime. Three men hold the three different soya bean plants. A corn field in the Midwest of the USA, the corn was produced from hybrid seeds. A corn field in the Ohio Experimental station grown on fertilised and limed soil, but low in organic matter. A corn field in the Illinois Experimental station grown on fertilised and limed soil, but high in organic matter. Nitrogen starved corn plants (leaves are yellow). A man performs a nitrogen deficient test on a corn plant. Better crops are obtained when corn follows clover. Field test performed to test for available phosphates. Tobacco growing in Georgia Town, Ohio. More soil ploughing and fertilising. A potato field is sprayed with insecticides. Close up of potato plants. Potatoes are harvested. People collect potatoes into baskets. A rye field is ploughed under. Rye is harvested. A tomato crop. Close up of tomatoes growing on tomato plants. A tomato field. A failed tomato crop. A successful tomato crop. Close up of a basket full of tomatoes. Various different crops. Soil ploughing. Corn is harvested. Haystacks in a field. American Midwest.

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