Film: 9396

War + Military | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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The Second War Two from the German, Japanese and Italian point of view.

Titles, written above an illustration of an advancing tank. German field guns firing. Crew members running around. Advancing German troops invading Poland. A German bomber (JU88?) flies overhead, from behind some tall trees. A group of ME109s in flight. German tanks advancing through a field. German troops in a trench behind a wire fence. One has binoculars, smoke is rising from buildings in the distance. The invasion has shattered the peace only twenty years after the First World War.

Music begins, credits over the soldiers cuts to a field gun firing. A bombed train. Tanks and troops advancing. Map of Europe, Germany in black with a swastika across it. The black spreads over Czechoslovakia, Austria and Hungary. From the heartland of Europe, the Germans plan world domination. Black arrows point to Russia, Scandinavia, France and Britain. Hitler and generals watch field gun tests. Hitler uses binoculars. Britain and France are the only countries who could oppose him, but they are unprepared. An explosion seen through binoculars. The beginning of Blitzkrieg.

Badly damaged Warsaw seen from the air. Lots of smoke over the city, bombed out buildings. German troop carrier moving down a cobbled road, crowds on either side. The Russians have invaded from the East, officers from both sides salute passing tanks and troops moving down the road. A German officer consults with his Russian counterpart, they are looking at a sheet of paper. The country is divided between them.

French soldiers patrol the snow-covered Maginot line. French soldiers eating in a bunker. A French soldier crawls past behind barbed wire on patrol. The Allies take little action apart from declaring war on Germany. This is the Phoney war. A calendar is superimposed on a French guard - its pages drop to show January to April 1940. Hitler is on the move. German ships carrying iron ore through Norway. Occupation is required to stop the British cutting the route. Troops on board ship. German soldiers marching through Oslo. Civilians watch them pass.

Neville Chamberlain and his wife leave Downing Street No. 10 to get into a car, after the fall of his government. He raises his hat to onlookers. Winston Churchill entering No. 10, raises his hat. Series of shots of guns firing on France, the same day. The shots of the guns provide the only lighting. A bomber in flight. Stukka dive-bombers dropping bombs. Houses being hit by bombs. A steeple topples. Parachute troops jumping from planes, seen from below.

The Germans drop behind the Maginot line. Germans attacking a depot. French refugees on the move. A woman and child in a cart with others and their belongings. Refugees on the roads. Defending soldiers pass them in the opposite direction. Panzer tanks in formation in a field. Map of Belgium, part of France and the English Channel. Black lines show the Panzer's advance through the Low Countries and into France. The lines move to cut off the British at Dunkirk. A badly war-torn French street. Troops in carriers move down it, a Martini advertisement is visible in the background on a wall. The camera moves down between abandoned British equipment. The injured carried aboard. Examples of the crafts used: destroyers, fishing boat, paddle steamer.

A parade of German soldiers moves past the Arc de Triumphe. Marshall Petain and the Vichy government around a table. Hitler carrying the surrender papers. The railway carriage at Compeigne, where the Germans had signed the First World War Cease Fire, is used to sign the surrender of France. A German military band plays outside. The signing inside the carriage. Outside, Hitler jokes and talks to his officers, stamps his foot. A field is being dug up for air-raid shelters by the British. Evacuated children carrying their belongings and gas masks are moved down a street by women. Cars are parked beside them. Children standing in size order putting on their gas-masks.

Churchill, standing in front of the Cabinet, gives his 'blood, toil, tears and sweat' speech. He can be heard talking in sync. A mixture of German aircraft, MG101s and Stukkas, flying over the English Channel. Aircraft in flight seen from the view of flying planes. Anti-aircraft guns. Pilots running to waiting spitfires. Hurricanes taking off. British and Canadian pilots had the advantage of radar. Spitfire in flight. German plane attacked and destroyed in air. The burning wreckage falls to earth, near cottages. The RAF kill-loss ratio is 2:1. Gun camera shots of planes attacked in mid-air. The German bombers change attack to ports and industry. An anti-aircraft gun. Daytime street crowded with people, shop windows are taped up. The bombing raids are daytime and then night-time. Firemen fight a bombed building. Survivors being carried from the rubble. People in a Tube station. A woman is taking around refreshments. Flaming buildings at night. Churchill visits badly bombed area. Britain's spirit is strong.

In America, a massive Fascist rally of the German-American Bund and one of the speakers. Protesters for German victory surrounded by cops on horseback. President Roosevelt behind his desk, signing papers. American factories building armaments (tanks, bombers) for the Lend-lease Bill.

A convoy carrying supplies to Britain. A struck ship sinks. A U-boat dives. The U-boat crew. The convoys in 1941 lose three ships for every new one built. A U-boat diving, seen from its deck. Torpedo attack on a ship. An Allied lifeboat. The Royal Navy attacks German battleships. The sinking of the Bismarck (?). Massive explosion on a destroyed battleship. German aircraft attack the convoy near Europe. Map of the Mediterranean theatre. Burned-out Italian ships. Abandoned Italian guns in the desert. Rommell talking to other officers. British soldiers and equipment retracting to the Egyptian border. British positions firing. They hold Egypt and, as shown on the map, Hitler doesn't control the Suez Canal. The map of Greece and Crete is coloured black as the Germans invade and control them.

Hitler and generals consulting a table map. He wants to invade Russia. German soldiers advancing on Russia. Bombs hitting fields. Blitzkrieg-style invasion. A German soldier falls before a mortar explosion. The invasion like Napoleon's goes almost too well - the infantry struggle to keep up with the tanks. Retreating Russian soldiers, they can afford to sacrifice men and land to gain time. Thousands of Russian prisoners of war. Burning buildings - part of the Russian's scorched earth policy to deprive the Germans of winter quarters. Russian guerrillas arming themselves with pistols. Sand-bagged defences of a big city, like Moscow or Stalingrad. A train passes by the defences. Men, women and children building defences. Russian troops march through a town street. Women and old men digging tank traps outside the city. Russian soldiers, one on horse-drawn cart, move through an icy wind, winter has begun. German troops struggling in the snow, the invasion is halted. Across occupied territories, the Germans impose Nazi rule.

Goebbels, not in uniform, addresses a meeting. His words cannot be heard. The people at the meeting give Nazi-salutes. A concentration camp prisoner. Piles of dead camp victims. The explosion of a Resistance-bombed bridge. A repetition of the French refugees shot. A Japanese politician walks up some steps to a meeting with Hitler. They shake hands. From a balcony, they wave to a huge crowd. Japan has joined the Axis. Japanese diplomats in Washington. The Americans do not agree to their plans. Japanese sailors on the bridge of a ship. Japanese bombers take off from a carrier, waved by the crew. The bombers in flight. The bombing of Pearl Harbour. Shots of destroyed aircraft and ships. Roosevelt addressing Congress. He can be heard giving his Pearl Harbour speech (December 7th is a day will live in infamy). As he continues to list the other countries Japan has invaded there are shots of invading troops. In the Philippines, the American and Philippine soldiers hold out four months. American prisoners of war marching along a railway track. The Japanese treatment of them was 'mercilessly cruel'. Map of the South Pacific showing Japanese invasion of Manchuria and China in the 1930's. A line marks the empire they have won since entering the war.

Hitler and Mussolini on a balcony in front of German and Italian officers. They congratulate each other. Map of Europe with Nazi areas of control in black. Map of the world showing European and Japanese Axis areas of control. It seems only a matter of time until they gain world domination.

Churchill addressing Congress. Good shots of him speaking in close-up. Anti-Axis jokes are greeted with laughter. He says they will be taught a lesson which they and the rest of the world will never forget. Enthusiastic applause.

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